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Surgery tomorrow, wish me luck!

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Hi fellow sleevers,

Well my surgery is tomorrow and I am beyond excited!

Its been a long journey but I am finally here and I just can't wait for it. I have been very diligent with my 2 week pre op and so far have lost 10lbs. I was quite amazed that after the very first day, my appetite diminished to such an extent that I forgot about food, previously a large part of my day was spent thinking about what I would have for the next meal, we've all been there!

So, onwards and upwards, wish me luck on the other side!

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  1. HealthyforLife's Avatar
    So very happy for you!! Itís quite a process to go through, but well worth the journey!! I had the Sleeve done in 1/2015! I have never regretted it! I lost 120 lbs! I have gained about 5 lbs since then, but itís attainable!! Youíve got this!! 👍🏻
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    You got this!! <3
  3. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Hi Alisonjayne!

    I wanted to take a moment out of the morning to wish you much success as you turn the corner tomorrow and enter this new phase of your life. May you have undergo a trouble free procedure and have a speedy recovery!
  4. Stacey03's Avatar
    How goes it? :-)
  5. Alisonjayne's Avatar
    Hi fellow sleevers!
    My surgery went very well indeed. I was 2nd on the list so didn't have to wait all day and had surgery at 11.30am. My husband was more scared than I was, he was in tears bless him.

    Came round from surgery and had terrible pain from the gas they blow you up with but my lovely daughter came soon after and burped me like a baby by rubbing my back which eased it quite a bit.
    I was sick quite a few times to start with as they gave me some peppermint water to ease the gas and I took it too quickly so it all came back up, gross I know.

    I was very scared to actually drink anything as I could feel it going down and gurgling, strange sensation plus I was wary of vomiting again but that has eased off now. I had very little pain which really surprised me, my daughter had the same op two years ago and couldn't get out of bed for two days so I assumed it would be the same, evidently not.
    I was able to get up and walk about a bit which I think also helped with the gas situation. Overnight they kept coming to take my blood pressure and temps so didn't sleep much.
    Saw the doctor this morning who said I had successfully shrunk my liver and that's why surgery went so well, so glad I stuck to it!

    They said I could go home today as I was feeling so much better so I came home this afternoon with my husband. I have only just figured out how much I can take into my mouth at one time, more than a sip but less than a gulp if that makes sense! I had to figure that out on my own lol.

    The thought of food is nauseating at the moment and I can't even think about having my usual cup of tea so I am just drinking water. I have the protein powder but can't face it, will it do much damage if I delay it a couple of days?
  6. Stacey03's Avatar
    Many congrats Alisonjayne, Im really happy for you. You don't really feel much like the protein but do have a try, just tiny tiny sips and see how you go :-) Well done you! You did it!
  7. WandaGettinFit4life's Avatar
    Hey how are you? You are a little over a month out. How is it going?