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3 weeks post op and can eat more than I thought

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So Iím 3 weeks in and am really happy with the initial 15lb lost however it has plateaued and my food intake is more than I hoped. I am now on mushed food and can easily eat salmon and sweet potato. I can also drink a a fair amount of fluids. I am worried that my sleeve is too big as I am still feeling hungry 🙈. I have never felt nauseous from my meals. Am I panicking or is this normal?

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    I would stick to the protein first, then veggies, then good carbs if room rule. The protein is filling and should be your main food at every meal. Maybe skip the sweet potato for now. It is a little odd that you are still hungry after a serving of salmon. Are you really hungry or just thinking about food you want to eat?

    And as far as fluids, the more the better. Don't worry about drinking too much water, just not with your meals.

    I never got sick either, consider us the lucky ones!
  2. denzel's Avatar
    Remember the 20, 20, 20 rule - chew 20 times on one side of your mouth, 20 times the other side, swallow and wait 20 seconds before reloading your utensil.
    No fluids for 20 minutes after your meal.
    Protein first,then non-starchy veg.
    Some folks don't like them, but I find - and still use - small crockery and cutlery to help keep the portion size down. And the small cutlery stops you putting too much into your mouth at one time.
  3. Bothsidesnow2017's Avatar
    Just make sure to stick to the right portion size. And I found adding propel to my water helped. Sometimes hunger is really thirst so drinking the flavored water does the trick. Remember your body needs protein more than anything else this early on. Your bariatric vitamins help get your nutrients for now.

    Also try premier protein shakes! They have 30g of protein and seemed to help stave off hunger.

    All the best of luck on your journey...it is soooo worth it I promise you!!!
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    I feel I could eat more soft foods than I had anticipated. But once I began eating solids it was totally different. And stalls around weeks 2-5 is normal. Just follow the rules and you will be fine.
  5. Balmain1's Avatar
    Thanks guys, really appreciate your comments