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Some Words of Encouragement...Please.

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Hey Everyone!

It's been some time since I last logged on here, but I want you to know, it is not because I have chosen my absence. In fact, life (as it usually does) managed to get in the way and prevented me from doing many of the activities that I would normally be involved with. So much so, that I have become stagnant in my weight loss journey.

In recent time, I have often wondered if I have reached my maximum of weight loss (I am staying steady at 244 lbs.) and am incapable of losing any further weight.

It's frustrating because I have struggled all my life with my weight. So to undergo WLS - in particular, the VSG - I had high expectations for what I wanted to see happen. So to not reach my goal of 185 lbs. and continue to linger roughly 60 lbs. away from where I would like to see myself, I find that I am mentally abusing everything that I stand for.

Am I sabotaging myself? Not that I know of. But I feel like I could be doing more to accomplish my goals. The unfortunate situation for me is that it is only my wife and I who have undergone this procedure. Where I live, there is no WLS community to lean on. In fact, many of the doctors have never heard of VSG, so I find myself explaining to them what I have had done. Crazy, right? Welcome to my world.

To say it has been tough since moving here in January is an understatement. In the beginning I found I was resorting back to some of my old "comfort" habits. I have since moved past that mentality, but now I find I am riddled with frustration because I am not seeing the results I would like to see thus far.

I don't know Gastric Sleeve Community. Maybe some words of encouragement would help me to find the right path to take. Something...ANYTHING...has to better than where I currently am mentally. So if you wouldn't mind me asking this of you, would you please send me some encouraging words, emails, posts...something to help push me through. It would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    First of all, how much weight have you lost? Let's start with the positive side. You look great in your photo, not like a big guy at all. And you have your wife who had surgery, so you are a team in this. That's pretty cool to have someone who totally understands what you're going through.

    This IS my WLS community I lean on. My hospital has a support group that is just a whole lot of crazy. I tried it for years and finally gave up, too much whining and complaining. I'm a positive person and refuse to be brought down by negative people.

    My advice would be get back to the basics, eat how a sleeved person was taught to eat. Protein first, then veggies, then good carbs if room. No grazing. Don't drink with meals. Take your vitamins. Find something you like and get active. Both my husband and I just retired so all our adventures are centered around activity. Hiking in Colorado next month! This morning we are biking to visit mom at her retirement apartment.

    So many people here swear by therapy, it sounds like talking to someone would help get your mind back in the game. Moves are SO stressful, just moved my mom to my state and we are both finally feeling a LITTLE back to normal. It took the entire month of April to clean out her home of 61 years (myself!), move her here, and get her apartments set up (myself!) About drove us both crazy.

    You can do this, I know you can. It's your choice. Best of luck to you!!
  2. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    You are 100% right, sraebaer! I have been overlooking the obvious in favor of more negative and demeaning thoughts. NO MORE! It really won't take much to get back on track. I just need to set a goal and go for it with all of the gusto I can possibly muster.

    As for the amount of weight I have lost: all told...roughly 80 lbs. - give or take a pound or two. I know that is no small feat. But in the greater scheme of things...I feel like I could being doing much more, and much better.

    And you're right. This is a GREAT community. I too, have participated in hospital-style support groups and they are insanity defined. That's why I no longer go to them.

    Thank you for you kind and uplifting post. I truly do appreciate it.
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    Dear Shannon, It is so good to see you on here again I was wondering how you were getting on after the move. Firstly, I am so super proud of you and you should be too. You have lost a ton of weight and have changed your life. Secondly, isn't life a bummer when it throws you curve balls? but this is what life is like and we have to rise above. Thirdly, you seem to have a high expectation of yourself (I'm totally guilty of this too) and maybe you can give yourself a break there and say 'gee, that's been a bit of a tough time' and then take the bull by the horns again? All sraebaurs suggestions are perfect. I am sending you good vibes across the miles from Australia... you can do it. Change up your routine, buy a new shower gel, drive a different way to work. Just try some different things and see where it takes you. And also give yourself a good pat on the back because you have done a fabulous job so far :-)
  4. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Thank you, Stacey03! I greatly appreciate the kind words and the good vibes from Australia.

    It is great to back here after such a long hiatus. I have often thought about coming back but for one reason or another, I was never able to make my way back. That has all changed. It will now become a part of my morning routine.

    As we speak, I am trying to change things up to make my routine different than it has been. Something...anything...is better than continuing on in the same manner. That said, I have implemented some new exercises into my day, and I have reverted back to drinking protein shakes in the morning to ensure that I am ingesting enough protein throughout the day. I know these things alone will not change everything, but I feel it is a good start to getting to where I want (and yes, need) to be.
  5. Missy1974's Avatar
    Shannon, I have started feeling the same you are im at 70lbs around 60 i started feeling stagnant and realized i also may not be doing pasta breads and other bad things i did find me sneaking a chocolate bar or a waffer here and there or eating a bit more then i should like 4oz i would have 6oz and salad etc.. i had to back up and drink a bit more slow down on eating again and focus as well as doing my walks sometimes i slacked even w/ all the extra energy sometimes moods over shaddow us fall back on isopure time to time even to help bring me back to that lets correct this however as long as your still moving and trying things your body should not settle.. Oohh Shannon one more thing .. you may not have noticed i had .. weight did not change however inches had omg my legs have become so tiny i see more bones and loose fat between my legs hahah so just know sometimes its now where we are looking either and then it starts yanking weight off again .. so stay positive try new things like sraebaurs suggested i even bought a peddle bicycle and fell but got up and trying again .. i have not been on one for over 20 years .. we got this
  6. KiwiGal's Avatar
    The thing I love about this forum is that we can say what we are feeling, or ask for help and there is always someone who will come along and talk some sense, share their experience or just commiserate with us. I am so glad that I found this group. I wasn't offered a support group through my surgeon. There is only one other person that I know that has had the same surgery that I can speak with so coming on here is a godsend!
    Shannon, you look great and have done so well. I'm sure that you will be back into losing before you know it.
    Kia Kaha (Stay strong)
  7. Sealover's Avatar
    Its all so mental and getting back into that frame of mind is truly the hardest of all. You've slacked but you can make the decision to get back to basics and make it happen. Ive read about the pouch reset, some kind of diet plan that is similar to when you first get sleeved. Maybe doing something like that would help you. Keep up the positivity, you can do it!
  8. Christie13's Avatar
    Oh Shannon. We are all here for you. Agree with everything said above. Now is a time for you to be selfish and make sure you are doing everything for you to be successful. Don't forget the importance associated with all the rules post sleeve. Take a step back, breathe, relax, and regroup. You will be successful. Remember that the negativity can take a toll on your health as well. Push it away. Find time to meditate and focus on all the good things. You will hit your goal. You have the power, the tools, and the knowledge. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
  9. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Thank you, Missy1974!

    I agree with what you're saying. In hindsight, I have realized I am ingesting a little more than maybe I should at 8 months, and that I should ease back a little more. I just feel like I am in a place (mentally) that I can do these things, but in reality, I am thinking I am still relatively new to VSG and should take that all into consideration.
  10. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Hi KiwiGal!

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I couldn't agree more in that this site has been a Godsend. Granted, I inadvertently stepped away for a moment, but I now recognize how important it is to my overall success, especially when considering that my wife and I are the only folks I know in this small rural town who have undergone a VSG procedure.
  11. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Hello Sealover.

    So nice to hear from you. Thank you for the encouraging words.

    I agree. It is 100% mental when taking into account that it has always been that way with me and my food addiction.

    Part of my problem is that I am bored here. There's nothing to keep sidetracked from grazing, and the only gym in town is open on a limited hours basis. So, aside from walking or purchasing exercise tapes, I am left to my own devices - which can or can not be a good thing (depending on the situation.)
  12. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Hi Christie13!

    Thank you for such encouraging words. They go a long way - especially right now. You are right in that I need to become more selfish with regard to my overall well-being. But then again, that has always been a problem for me. I tend to put everyone else first and place myself on the back burner. Not necessarily a bad trait, nit not a good one either.

    I need to regroup, as you say, and think back the when I was first sleeved. I need to remember the rules associated with said sleeve, and remove the negative thoughts from my life. From there, I think I will find happiness, as well as much needed success.
  13. DHB's Avatar
    So glad you're checking in. Please do so more often, even if you're just having a bad day. Even though I have a great surgeon, my only support group is this forum. And since hardly anyone knows I've had VSG, I really need this group.

    Stress takes its toll and Lord knows you've had plenty. One thing I started doing is a Leslie Sansone walking DVD every morning. (Yes, guys do it, too.) It gets me going and I manage my stress & eating so much better if I've worked out in the morning. It also keeps me from waiting to see if the weather is good enough for a walk. (You can download a free version on YouTube to see if you like it.)
  14. Pheeel21's Avatar
    Your doing great but you can do better. A couple suggestions. I see that you live in South Dakota. Now that the weather has broke maybe you could go on a schedule of walking. Promise yourself that you will walk every day or maybe 5-6 times per week. Make it a challenge. Also when I stall I try to increase by fluid intake. Keep that water bottle handy. Two small things that I know you can do. You can do this.
  15. tonewbeginnings's Avatar
    I am only 2 weeks post op so I have no VSG wisdom to share of how to get back on tract but I do want to send good thoughts, positive energy and encouragement your way. I hope you find the ability to regroup soon. Good Luck!
  16. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Hi Dale!

    So great to hear from you again!

    I have missed being on here, but now that I have thrown myself head first into the mix, I have decided that I am not going anywhere anytime soon. Much like yourself, I have come to realize I need the camaraderie and insight this community has to offer - something I had been lacking since my last post in January of this year.

    I agree, stress does take its toll. Armed with that understanding, I have begun a workout regimen that helps me to become centered and focus on the bigger picture - and in turn recognize and release the negativity that tends to creep in from time to time. That is not to say that it will never come back, but my workouts are aiding in me combating them.
  17. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Hi Pheeel21!

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I greatly appreciate it.

    I have in fact implemented aerobic workouts into my daily routine, and my wife and I are in the process of turning our finished basement into an exercise/workout room so that we are able to workout all year rather than have our workout be contingent based upon the fluctuating weather here.

    In addition, when weather permits (and it has been absolutely gorgeous here as of late) we do tend to go for walks that last no shorter than 30 minutes in duration and tend to stretch from one side of our small town to the other.
  18. Shannon'sVSG's Avatar
    Greetings tonewbeginnings!

    Not having words of wisdom to offer is of no concern to me. Your wanting to leave me a message of encouragement was more than enough and goes much farther than you realize. Thank you, and feel free to stop by my blog posts anytime. I welcome all thoughts and words of encouragement.