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Itís been a while!

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Hi everyone!! I just looked and realized that itís been January since I have blogged. 😵 Time flies when you are having fun!!! Almost 8 monthís out of surgery and feeling great! I have so much more energy and just really feel like I could tackle the world. I have been taking karate and cardio kickboxing classes and I have 1 more test before I get my Yellow/black belt. Let me tell you, if you are wanting exercise and something to boost your confidence, look into karate. My husband says that he can tell a big difference in my confidence level since I started. A lot of that also contributes to surgery though, too.

I have continued jogging and my daughter and I have signed up for a Color Run in a couple of weeks. And I officially signed up for the Nashville Rock N Roll half marathon for next year!! (Yíall I am super excited and super scared of this...but I have a whole year to train).

Water is still a little bit of an issue with me. I still hate plain water...but I have found that I LOVE ďHintĒ blackberry water. Yíall are gonna have to try this stuff...itís AAAHHHMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGG! They have a bunch of different flavors and I just hope they are in a store near you because you wonít regret trying it!!!

I still shock myself with NSVís. Went camping and didnít have to back myself out of the camper. Bathroom stalls are much easier to maneuver. (That one really catches me off guard), store mirrors no longer make me want to cry. Trying on clothes is a much less painful process. Sooo many more!!!

Dr says Iím doing great!! I feel great and Iím going to just keep getting better. Oh!!! And my hair loss has finally eased up!!! Multi vitamin with hair skin and nails stiff in it has worked wonders!!!

My only regret is not having this sooner. Best of luck to everyone, no matter the point of the process you are in. Stick to it. It is well worth it!! I got my life back. But have a huge supportive spouse. They see the changes before you do and will typically point it out to you. My husband is still taking comparison pictures and sending them to me. AND now my son is asking everyone on the baseball team, ďDid you see my mom? Did you notice how much weight sheís lost? Did you see how great she looks? Did you know my mom takes karate? She can kick your butt.Ē And he is a sophomore in high school!!! Teenage boys arenít supposed to be that proud of their mom!!! They are typically embarrassed of them...but Layton is so proud and it makes me so proud of him and myself when I hear him make comments like those to his friends!!!

Anywhoo...enough rambling...have a great night everyone!!!

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  1. KiwiGal's Avatar
    "I got my life back." How I love this statement!
    Your post is so wonderfully positive. Your NSV's are fabulous. It's all such fun isn't it?!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Oh my goodness. My favorite part of your post is how your son is gushing over you. It just melts my heart. <3 That is super sweet. So glad it is all going so well for you. Fun on the karate. I used to take Tae Kwon Do when I was younger so I get the enjoyment. And good luck on the Rock and Roll. I did it here in San Antonio and will be doing it again this December.
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    So great to hear how well you are doing its so awesome! xxx
  4. DHB's Avatar
    LOVE this. Teenage boys mostly don't even notice their mothers, in my experience. You have a great son! And isn't it wonderful when our children are proud of us?