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Hi Everyone

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This is my 6th Day post op and feeling well so far but I am missing food however not hungry, I lost 5 kilos so fare b and waiting for more.
I am still on liquids ( water, juices and soups) , tolerating well but I don`t know the feeling when I start solid .

Any advises for the next phase.

Many thanks

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  1. SassyWade's Avatar
    Congratulations on making it through the first week. Follow your doctors orders on every phase that you will go through. Make sure to chew your food very well, take smaller bites, and don't drink while you eat. However, the next phase will be the soft foods. Make sure to eat things that you can mash with your fork and stay away for the carbs. Scramble Eggs, Hummus, and Yogurt were my best friends. I couldn't eat one whole egg, I took two to three bites and I was full. Please listen to your body.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Solids is when you have to really be careful. Eat very slow and chew well. Allow your body to feel the full. If you eat too much or too fast it is not a good feeling.
  3. MikeMo's Avatar
    Sounds like you're doing great thus far. My humble advice for your next stage...

    1. Stick with the recommended advancement - liquids, then soft solids, then real food. Your stomach is pissed off and doesn't want hard food too quick.
    2. Eat slow and be aware that the fill point is a lot smaller than before. 75% of a scrambled egg can be a whole meal once you've had the sleeve.
    3. Maintain a focus on protein. The more protein you consume, be it shakes, eggs, etc, the happier your body will be.
    4. On the other hand, don't forget fiber!!! (I forgot! Bad idea!). High protein and low fat can make for a traffic jam in the southland, which is not fun.

    Most of all, enjoy the feeling of not needing to eat a ton to be full. Best wishes with the recovery.