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A new sport

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greeting and long time no see or talk.

I am doing good, I know my blood work is low on Iron and my Vitamin D, is low since I do live in Alaska. I have been taking all required medication.

That is key post surgery and I can say I have been slacking. I remember to take them when I wake up from my after noon nap before work.

To get into shape I am taking up Rugby, I know its a tough sport and it is very cardio keyed. I have also joined the YMCA, I like taking the classes and I work out with the girls on my Rugby team. I know my limits.

I know if you would have told me post surgery I would be doing that, I would be like yeah right. I know I am out of shape, I need to practice running and I am wanting to get more toned this summer.

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Onya Jenna... I joined a womens rugby team once... it was terrifying!!! I was running along with the ball with them running at me screaming 'get down, get down' !!! I lol now, such a great bunch of girls and I ended up just joining in the pub sessions after games instead LOL. So great when you find a sport you love :-)
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Never tried rugby. If you enjoy it...you will continue with it. That is awesome. I have been enjoying strength training!
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    That's the key to exercise, find something fun that you love. Go you!
  4. jennak89's Avatar
    Yes, so true......
  5. Ann2's Avatar
    How in the world did I miss this post?

    Oh, I remember -- I was on a North Atlantic cruise for 3 weeks.

    Rugby! Women's rugby!

    Jenna, big R E S P E C T !
  6. Dutchie's Avatar
    O wow!
    Girrrrl powerrr!

    How was your cruise Ann2?
  7. Ann2's Avatar
    The cruise was wonderful. I went to Ireland.

    I'm home now, mowing and weeding. .

    But headed to Venice in three weeks.
  8. Dutchie's Avatar

    It's a tough job, but someone has to do it...

    I've never been to Venice, that is still on my bucketlist.
  9. Ann2's Avatar
    Yes, it's a tough gig.

    Ditto re Venice. I can't believe I've not been there yet. A month from now, I can't say that anymore.