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Not feeling so well...

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Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday!

I am entering week 5 tomorrow, and I'm having some tummy issues. I feel really nauseous right after I try to eat anything. All I had yesterday was some cottage cheese, and I was in the bathroom right away vomiting! I called my dr. office, and they said it's either a bug, or something I am doing wrong. Any suggestions? I may not be getting enough liquids, but I would not think that would make me this ill. Did anyone else go through this phase at week 5 or so?

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  1. Katrina's Avatar
    Yes, and I would not accept their response of it's something you're doing wrong. Screw that! Stay on it. It doesn't matter who, what, or why, you can't live without nutrition. Make them figure it out or supply you with ample nutrition substitution until it works itself out (mine ultimately had to work itself out over the course of the first year.)
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    I know there was another sleever on here who was very sick with vomiting and he was actually dehydrated. He had to go to the hospital and get IV fluids. I would definitely work on the fluid intake. Remember that you can have those fluid in protein shake form so you are getting both fluids and protein in one shot. But definitely follow up with your surgeon if it continues.
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    I wouldn't say it's something you are doing wrong as many people here have have/had that problem. Maybe just keep trying different foods until you find something that agrees with your new tummy. I'm no expert, as I could eat anything and never got sick. Just lucky I guess!

    If it doesn't get better insist on help from your surgeon. It's not your fault that's for sure.
  4. Stacey03's Avatar
    It might be dehydration. Up your fluids and if no better in 24 hrs go and get more advice.
  5. Becky1211's Avatar
    Thanks everyone,
    I will see what the next few days bring. I am trying to up my fluid, and stay away from dairy related products, and I think that might be one of the culprits. I wasn't sure if it really was something I was doing, but based on your feedback, I will push back with my surgeon too. Thank you!
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    Keep us posted with how you are doing Becky.
  7. AnnieG's Avatar
    I had/have issues with "toad froth" and real vomiting. I'm 6 months out. I found it was mostly when I ate too fast (that is, at a "normal" pace. I try to slow down, and sometimes get up from the table and wander around to stop.

    But do watch it carefully. I don't think its your food for sure.
  8. MikeMo's Avatar
    I've found that different things send me prancing to that special room... for some reason, fat foods (sausage, bacon), spicy foods, or heavy items (beef brisket) in even very small quantities do me in. Softer foods like scrambled eggs, puddings, soups, etc go down wonderfully. Within limits - my tank capacity seems stuck at a quarter cup for all but the most liquid of meals. I do find if I can walk around or stand for the first 15 minutes after I eat, that helps a lot. Conversely, jumping into yard work as I did a week ago leads to lots of special time in that "special room".

    Totally agree with the earlier comment that saying it's "something you're doing wrong" is BS, if it is they should be able to say what exactly it is. Hang in there, wishing you the very best.

    p.s. I love Anne's description of "toad froth". Have not heard that before, but have experienced it. Ick!