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That dreaded scale

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Hi everyone, and happy Monday!
I hope this message finds you all well. I am 19 days post op. Last week was my week 3 and although I heard not to, I still watched the scale. I did not move a pound all week. I even went up one pound. What a depressing week! Is this because I am adding new foods into my diet? Have others experienced a weight gain in this week? I sure am hoping for a better week this week...

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
  2. AnnieG's Avatar
    What Stacey said!
    And post-surgery, you have retained some fluids, your system is out of balance, and your sleep is off schedule....

    It will all get better!
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Ta da....3 week stall has reared its ugly head. Happens to almost everyone some time between weeks 2 and 5 usually. Most at week 3 hence the name. Stalls are not uncommon during this process. Just keep following the rules. Hang in there.
  4. MikeMo's Avatar
    Same thing as me, I posted my damsel in distress note yesterday. Mine hit in week 2, and it is definitely demoralizing. But totally predictable.

    One thing I found out there that I thought made sense is this post on another site, which discusses how your body tries to recalibrate energy storage after a major weight loss. See if this makes sense to you, hopefully you'll see some parts of this in your experience. https://www.dsfacts.com/weight-loss-...or-plateau.php

    Best of all though, keep chatting with the rest of us. Folks on this board have really helped me normalize this experience, and understand how this whole process works. I'd hate to do this by myself!
  5. Becky1211's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. This blog has been a lifesaver. Thank you MikeMo... this was a great article that helped me understand the plateau better. I have hidden the scale, and am just going by the feel of my clothes. Everything is getting loose, so that's a good thing. I appreciate all of your feedback and help!