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Using a Juicer?

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I have not had the sleeve done yet. My surgery date is on April 6th. I am sure that I will receive all sorts of information once the surgery is done, but I wanted to reach others that have already had the sleeve.

Does anybody use a juicer? I was wondering if this would be a good way to get vitamins and nutrients after the surgery?

Did anybody have problems flying after the surgery? Somebody recommended compression socks on the flight home.

Thanks for any suggestions. I am full of questions and would like any information that anybody would like to share. Whether it's pertaining to these questions or anything else. Thanks so much.


Happy Easter!

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi Devan, no you don't need a juicer, in fact nobody needs a juicer. Juice seems really healthy but its like a sugar bomb and no good for you. Much better to eat the whole apple or orange. The vitamins they will recommend afterwards will give you all you need. When are you having your surgery, theres heaps to learn on here. Compression socks certainly sound a good idea for a flight home, the hospital might give you some as you should be wearing them after surgery but check with them. Congrats on your decision for surgery :-)
  2. Jesslyn235's Avatar
    As Stacey said juicing is not actually the healthy choice; I have been using Premium Protein shakes that are full of vitamins and added a liquid multi vitamin made by centrum (https://www.centrum.com/centrum-liquid). My flight home was a bit rough as I changed my flight while I was in Tijuana to first class seats however it caused us to take a much later flight which meant we spent 10 hours at the airport before takeoff. I definitely recommend getting a flight as close to noon as possible to avoid that. Make sure to get up on the flight and stretch as much as possible. Best of luck.
  3. gbpackerschic's Avatar
    I wouldn't, couldn't have done the juice thing. Too acidic. Probably not a good idea. As far as the compression socks, mine were a waste of money. Cost 30.00 and were so uncomfortable cutting into me cuz I believe the water weight gain played a part in that....they were in the trash after 1 day.
  4. AmyBee's Avatar
    I don't use a juicer but I do make green smoothies with a Nutribullet Pro. It rocks. It makes them so fluffy and delicious! Just using my regular blender resulted in smoothies I still had to chew. No fun. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow! You must be feeling all the feels.
  5. Ilkins's Avatar
    Well, if it's about natural juices, then they are recommended. After my surgery, I drunk only liquids because I couldn't stand eating regular food. Before choosing this path, I consulted a nutritionist that suggested me the juice idea. I bought a juicer from hellodiya.in that, actually, I still use it regularly. It takes all the vitamins from the fruit and preserves them into juice. Each morning, that's my regular routine. By the way, what I would recommend is to choose good juices, as I did.