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Five days out, and still alive...

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Well, the big event happened on Tuesday and it's Sunday, so we've managed through the worst so far. Surgery went pretty smoothly, I'm in clear liquids still, have been able to set the pain pills aside and just operate with the acid inhibitor meds, plus my regular medications. On the negative side, I am really having trouble tolerating protein drinks. I was told I could start consuming protein drinks today (Sunday) and I had one, which took most of the morning to consume in small dribs and drabs over crushed ice. Something strange happened to me when I was about half way through, I started feeling a bit dizzy and out of it. Also I've figured out that plain water does not go down very well, but mixing it with Crystal Light or eating a popsicle doesn't trigger as many gags, burps, or farts. Is that the case with anyone else?

At this point the main thing I'm battling is major fatigue, which could be due to operating solely on fat reserves (I planned ahead and have plenty for that!). Since I started dialing back eating and shifting to protein drinks the two weeks before the operation, I've dropped 27 pounds. Really picked up with this whole "not eating" thing. I have a doctor's appt on Tuesday to see where we are with things, and am hoping to return to work part time next Wednesday. In the meantime, I've been getting lots of rest.

Any thoughts from others how this experience mirrors yours? The rapid weight loss is nice, although I suspect a lot of it is water released from fat cells. The tiredness will hopefully lift, but what I've read of others is this is pretty common. Not discouraged, but definitely spending lots of spare time thinking what I can eat once I get onto the soft foods stage. But not hungry physically, but emotionally miss the texture of solid foods in small batches.

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi Mikemo, so glad that the op went well. I was exhausted for 6 weeks. I just went with the flow but it did knock me sideways. I think it is the massive decrease in calories and recovery and shamoz. Take to your bed a lot! I also had one experience of dumping syndrome... fast heart rate, heaving, fainting and diahorrea which was extremely unpleasant but it only happened once, though I did feel a bit faint and out of it once after trying some yogurt. Check your protein drink for carbs and sugars... I found out that I was drinking a really bad one!!! So check your labels.
    This 3 weeks is a bit of a tough trot but it will all improve. Congratulations :-)
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Hang in there. It gets better. I had a hard time with the sweetness of shakes post op. I also didn't do well with cold liquids and did better with warm/hot liquids. I survived on tea, broth, creamed soups made with high protein milk, and skim milk lattes. I also ate sugar free popsicles...which is funny bc anything else cold made me queasy. It will get better, I promise.
  3. AnnieG's Avatar
    Oh Mike, I hear you! I was like Stacey03, just ragged out tired until about week 5 or 6, and now tons of energy.

    Protein was difficult; It is not easy to find a type that agrees; there are some clear protein powders you can mix into something -- like watery mashed potatoes, as long as it remains liquid. Just hang tough. And Crystal Light is good -- I make up a pitcher and throw in some sliced limes in the cherry.
  4. sraebaer's Avatar
    Fatigue is common, I basically slept that whole first week. When you're feeling better visit GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe and buy one of every protein drink that looks good. Don't buy in bulk until you find something you like. I liked the Orange flavored Isopure diluted with a lot of ice. So then I bought it by the case. Good luck!