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Oh Happy Day :)

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I weighed myself this morning and drumroll........ I am down 25 pounds since Feb 19th! I haven't been weighing myself very often because I don't want to obsess about a number. However, my husband has noticed a thinner face and legs (I don't see it) so I thought I would get on the scale and take a peek. I am preparing myself for the dreaded 3 week stall as I know that is probably on the horizon. I am still on Phase 2 of a liquid diet and concentrating on hitting my daily hydrating fluids goal and protein goal. I can begin Phase 3 on March 19th. Phase 3 consists of pureed foods. I have been logging everything into My Fitness Pal to keep track. I feel really good except for a little tired every now and then but who isn't these days? I have 4 kids, 3 of which are teenagers. That alone will tire out anyone! I went to the gym twice this week. All I am allowed to do is walk for 30 minutes at a leisurely pace. Something is better than nothing. I climbed the stair master for 15 minutes and walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes. I waited to go to the gym until my post-op appointment and now that I have the "go ahead" I will go to the gym after I drop off the kids at school.

One thing is for sure, I am a stress and emotional eater. When I find myself stressed or frustrated or procrastinating that is when I feel the urge to eat. Now, I have to do something else. It has been very eye opening as to how much I ate a handful of this or that on the daily. I never realized how often I did that until now. Now, I stop and listen to my body. Am I really hungry or is it something else? I can say I haven't felt true "hunger" since having the surgery. But because I have never had to be hungry to eat, I am working on being more mindful. I have been allowed to add creamed soups in Phase 2. I eat it very slowly. I have been creative with the protein shakes by adding different flavored extracts and sugar free additives. I always blend them with ice because they just taste better to me that way. Why do those protein powders come in such GINORMOUS tubs?? My pantry overflowith!

So that's my little update. I'm a happy girl!

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  1. KiwiGal's Avatar
    Congratulations on your success so far. Long may it continue!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Way to go!