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A few questions

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Just had my sleeve Monday the 5th came home yesterday how long before the weight starts coming off? Itís only been 3 days but Iím curious and anxious

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  1. KiwiGal's Avatar
    It will happen...it will most definitely happen
    Hope your recovery goes well.
  2. TeriR's Avatar
    Thank you i guess i expected to drop at 10 the first few days ��
  3. DHB's Avatar
    Some people actually gain some weight after surgery bc they give you lots of IV liquid to keep you hydrated. But after a week you'll probably start losing.
  4. sraebaer's Avatar
    Now your body is recovering from surgery so you may not be losing weight at first. My suggestion is to hide your scale for a month and just concentrate on learning about your new lifestyle. You will be amazed.

    You will stall around 3 weeks too, no clue why, as you will hardly be eating anything. It makes no sense but happens to most of us. So if you wait for a month to weigh yourself you won't be stressing about these little times where you stay the same or even gain. Or maybe wait until your first follow-up with your surgeon.

    Take your measurements now. I did that about once a month and it was really fun. Now when I see how big I used to be it is unbelievable. I also ONLY weighed on Mondays and journaled the date and weight. (Your weight will fluctuate day to day, so weighing daily isn't really accurate.). Most weeks I lost, but a few times I stayed the same or gained. I made my goal in about 9 months.

    This works. I promise. Get excited and don't worry.
  5. Stacey03's Avatar
    It will work, hide those scales for a month and you will be delighted!!! :-)
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    Haha. Everyone loses at their own pace. You will lose. Just have faith and follow the program.