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One Week Update

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I am one week post-op and I feel great. I go to the doctor on Wednesday for a follow up visit and have the staples removed. Thank goodness because those buggers are beginning it itch! I must be one of the lucky ones that hasn't had any complications. It doesn't even feel like most of my stomach was removed. I am still on the liquid diet so maybe that is the reason I don't feel different in my stomach. I am going to ask my doctor exactly how much of my stomach removed My only down day was the day of surgery. I attended my daughters school soccer game the day after surgery and really have not needed the pain or nausea meds. When I was in recovery the nausea was really bad. I had never experienced that level of nausea before. Thankfully it eventually passed later in the evening. I will say that I probably will never drink Chicken broth again when I am past the liquid phases. I have tried several different kids and none are terribly satisfying. I have several different flavors of protein powders and the Bari-Clear unflavored protein additive and I am not tired of those yet. I like to trick them up with different flavored extracts and sugar free additives. I also bought some of the Premier pre-made shakes and those aren't bad. I am excited to get the go ahead from my doctor to move on to the Phase 2 of liquid.
So all in all I am motor boating right a long I am anxious to get back in the gym but will wait until my doctor says it's okay. Until then, my dogs are loving all their walks!

It's a lovely sunny day in Dallas. Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hurrah :-)
  2. Bobbisoft's Avatar
    Congrats keep up the great work! Many blessings!
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    Every day will get better. It is really fun, get ready! We are off to Dallas tomorrow for Spring Break with the kids/grandkids!
  4. Nancy51's Avatar
    Hello, Kerry,

    I’m also 5 days in , sipping sleeping and walking. I do use a few paracetamols a day, but less each day. My partner made beef broth and now chicken broth for me, which really does the trick.
    My Belgian Dr also recommended kwark or yogurt for this first week. I guess that is a “liquid” too!
    Good luck with your journey! Nancy
  5. Christie13's Avatar