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What did I do?

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I am 10 pounds over my goal weight. I feel sick about it. I have nightmares about having the rest of my stomach removed. I want to take 20 pounds off, and it it feels like the most awful and unattainable goal I have ever created. I can't even give myself credit for the 140 that I have lost because I am obsessed with these 20 pounds. I feel like a fat cow.
I am hoping that by saying this and putting it out there into the world I can start to do something about it.
I don't eat a lot...but I don't eat super healthy. I need some support, and I don't know what to do. 20 pounds isn't a HUGE amount of weight, but it feels harder than the 140 that I lost after surgery.
Help me...please.

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  1. Gvn71's Avatar
    Get back to basics! Do you keep a food diary? Exercise? You say you don't eat super healthy. Focus on healthy eating for a week and see what happens.... You might be surprised to see the numbers move. It isn't easy though. I recently wanted to get down to what I consider to be a good "race weight" for the upcoming triathlon season. I have been working very hard to eat healthy and eliminate un-necessary snacks (it was brutal the first few days). I lost 8 pounds in the last 3 weeks from 194 - 185. I'm still killing my workouts so I will stay with this plan for a little longer to see how it goes.

    Also, losing 140 is freaking AWESOME!!!! Don't kick yourself over the last 20 lbs. Huge accomplishment! Congrats.
  2. jaimaroo's Avatar
    Thank you so much. I haven't been on this site in the longest time, but I think I need the support. I can't do this alone right now.
    It feels so unattainable to me. I think you are right. One week of better choices. Then another and another. Twenty pounds should come off before summer.
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    140 POUNDS!!!!!!! That's fantastic! I think you have now got yourself in a state about that 20 pounds. Concentrating on your diet will help for sure, do you always get your protein? Do you always drink enough water? Do you overeat? Are you organised with food and prep? Does your family support you? Is there a heap of junk in the house.
    Have you considered counselling? From the tone of your post I think it could be really beneficial to have a few sessions at this point to se where you are at. I really rate counselling in terms of working out exactly what is going on and I would never hesitate to go and see my psychologist myself if I was struggling. I think we don't know everything about your life and to have a trusted professional to help would be great. You have done a tremendous job losing 140 pounds, that is super successful. Some professional help might set you up for the future. IF you want to and can access it! I'm not saying therapy is for everyone but i am a fan. Best wishes to you.
  4. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    hey!! It's been a looong time since I've been here too. you lost 140lbs!!!!! that's amazing! look at where you were just 3 years ago, preparing for surgery.
    and look at you now!! We're pretty far out and not loosing daily anymore. those were the days....
    anyway, at this point we can very easily go back to our old eating habits, but paste up a picture of the old you as motivation, the scale might not be going down but that can change. shake things up, go back to the beginning. start counting calories if you aren't already (I need to re-download that app)
    start exercising, burn off the calories you shouldn't have taken in. drink only water again.
    you know the routine.....go back and read some of the blogs from when you were newly sleeved.
    be proud of what you have done
    140lbs!! that's loosing an entire adult!! wow!! focus on the positive, if your goal is 20lbs start smaller, make it your goal to lppse 3lbs. when you do (and you will) make a goal to loose 5lbs, and so on.
    2 years ago loosing 20lbs didn't seem like much on the larger scale of things.....but now that our bodies are used to this new lifestyle it's harder to loose.
    but not impossible.
    you got this! set a goal, loose 3lbs in one month. go from there
  5. sraebaer's Avatar
    You lost ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY POUNDS! That is totally amazing. That is what I weigh!! Even if you don't lose another pound you are my hero.

    The last 20 will be much slower, just keep doing what you did to lose all that weight. Or maybe your body wants to stay where you are, and I bet you look and feel great where you are. Best of luck to you1
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    Did you gain 20 lbs or you just didn't get to where you wanted? And as everyone keeps saying...140 lbs is absolutely freaking amazing. You can totally do it. Make those 20 lbs your bitch!! YOU GOT THIS!!