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4 days post op

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My husband & I are 4 days post op gastric sleeve & we are not feeling well, me worse than him. We came home yesterday & had a long travel day. When we got home, I got real nauseated & vomited a little. Our bowels are moving, but itís mostly gas with small amount of liquid stool. Is this all normal for day 4? We are trying to stay hydrated & drink small amounts every hour, but itís hard when our stomachs keep cramping & hurting. Iím so worried something is wrong! Please advise!

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  1. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    Everyone is different, but I had a really tough start. I had surgery 12/30/14 and was supposed to go home the next day, instead I stayed in the hospital for 4 days because the 1st 48hrs I was vomiting. Vomiting makes the pain so much worse. I thought for sure I popped a stitch but the doc wasn't worried and I was fine. I got home and would sip water and broth. I couldn't stomach protein shakes. i ended up making ensure mixed with flavorless protien power. Milk was fine for me, but a few people who had milk with no issues before surgery couldn't handle dairy after.
    it will get better. Every day I felt a little better. Just rest, your body is going thru a major change.
    try to get that water in, dehydration will make you feel horrible. Ice pops helped me. I think I set a timer to ding every 15min and when it went off I took a sip of water.
    I hope both you start feeling better asap
  2. Aydensmomma's Avatar
    also, I had taken a pillow, put it on my stomach and wrapped an ace bandage around it, not tight but enough to where I didn't feel like my insides were moving around
  3. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    The first week is the hardest and then it gets better daily. Try some ice pops, s/f jello, and stick with the liquids during the first few days, then move to light protein. Concentrate on getting in the liquids and moving around to "shake" up the gas. Sometimes warm beverages like clear broth or decaf green tea (lightly colored) helps. You'll find your "chi" and then wonder why it was so hard in the beginning. Cramping and some minor pain is normal, try not to take too many pain pills as they slow down the digestion and also constipate. Time is your friend as well as getting in as much liquid in an appropriate time frame during the day. Check your urine and make sure it's an appropriate color and if not, ingest more fluids.

    Good luck and you'll feel better before you know it, even your husband will feel better
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    I hope things are better now. Walking and sipping is your best friend the first week. Did you guys get prescribed an anti nausea? That will help. Just hang in there. It will continue to get a little easier each day.