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Stopped Losing

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Maybe somebody can help.

3 weeks since my surgery. Feeling great. Had very good and quick recovery.
being very careful with what I eat and have been doing light work out every day.
It seems like I stopped losing weight. No move on the scale for the 4 days.

is this common?

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Normal! Hide your scales for 2 weeks :-)
  2. azladyrider's Avatar
    Yep totally normal. Dreaded stall.... I was in my stall for maybe a week to 10 days then boom the scale started moving again
  3. Martini's Avatar
    yes its very normal. your body has to catch up with what you have already lost
  4. Ann2's Avatar
    It's so normal it's got a name: "The Three Week Stall." You can google it. Yup, google.
  5. sraebaer's Avatar
    It's frustrating and makes no sense, but it happens to almost all of us. I would just put away my scale until my next visit to the doctor! Then you will be pleasantly surprised.
  6. tracey111's Avatar
    I agree with all the above comments. 4 days without movement is really nothing. My weight loss has been very slow and steady, anywhere from 1 lb. to 3 lbs. per week but I think that's actually good since I am not losing so fast. I did up my workouts from 3 to 5 days a week and am starting to focus on strength training too to help with a little saggy skin. You will be fine.
  7. azladyrider's Avatar
    Should have mentioned that even while my scale wasn't moving (kind of what Martini said about catching up) I was dropping inches and pant sizes.
  8. khenton's Avatar
    I have been in a stall for about 2 weeks. I had my surgery on 1.29.17. I am continuing to do what I need to be doing and have just stopped obsessing about getting on the scale each day. I am staying away from the scale for now.

    I also am dropping some inches, even though the pounds have slowed a bit.
  9. Christie13's Avatar
    I had my first stall really early as well. It will pass. Keep following the rules and trust the program!
  10. YDM's Avatar
    Thanks but still stalled
  11. sraebaer's Avatar
    How do you know you're still stalled if you put away your scale?
  12. Stacey03's Avatar
    Sraebaer you are hilarious :-)
    PUT AWAY THE SCALE YDM. You are going to lose, I promise :-)