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Week 10 update

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Errrrmygawd what can I say... I am loving my sleeve!!! It is the best thing I ever did. Everything seems pretty much back to normal now. My energy really returned after week 6, it was tough going until then but now I'm back running and back at the gym and 16kg down. I really feel fortunate and want to pinch myself. Life is sweet for sure.

I am eating delicious seafood quite often. I do eat some meat too but my preference is seafood. Luckily we have some of the nicest seafood here in Australia and I can get it from a man who fishes off the island, out in the bay. Crabs and bugs and fishies to die for. I really would invite Sraebaur for dinner if she was closer as we have a similar passion for the seafood!

I'm finding it quite easy now to have my routine of food and protein shake. It did take a while to get into a rhythm but now I make a protein shake before bed and it's all ready in the morning. I'm still on one a day as I can't fit in enough other proteins at the moment. I take my vitamins and pills with my protein shake and funnily enough not quite as nauseous with the vitamins now. Now and again I am but it is okay. And no constipation problems! Phew!

I think what has healped me heaps is staying positive in those first few weeks. I decided that i would be like that before surgery. Everyone around me is super positive too so I'm very lucky. I couldn't be supported more.

I've been making some beautiful meals for my family which is easy because they are all healthy eaters and they love the seafood too!!! There can be a fight over the bugs!

I hope everyone is well :-)
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    Look at you beach Goddess!! Love those glasses. Glad things are going so well. Just love happy journeys!