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High School Weight

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Today I got on the scale and I saw that the scale read 236 - which is great - I've let go of 86 pounds since surgery in August - but 236 is a significant weight because in my junior year in high school, everyone got weighed in the gym - an odd school activity to be sure - but my weight that day was 236. Now some would argue that being at your "high school weight" would be a major accomplishment but at the time I remember being MORTIFIED of that weight - most kids weighed 150,160 - and although I was tall - that still seemed like an absurdly high weight for a kid of 16.

Today though I am happy with that weight. I have been dropping consistently without a single glitch or "plateau" and I am grateful that at some point I will reach my goal (just 26 pounds away now) and will continue adapting and being in gratitude and appreciation for the second chance this whole process has given me. I know it won't be as easy as it has been so far (I read other posts) but I am so grateful that this surgery exists to help those like me who, up until now, seemed hopelessly incapable of helping myself.

Peace y'all!

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  1. DHB's Avatar
    Congratulations! Funny, you have brought back memories for me of weigh ins. Did anyone feel good about them? I stopped growing in height in 6th grade. I'm average height now but was a giant then and weighed more than the other girls in my class. It was humiliating.

    How great to now embrace your weight and realize how far you've come. I'm still in the early stages and it feels like the lbs are coming off more slowly than I hoped, but they are coming off and I am moving in the right direction. I think gratitude is a huge factor in this journey. Thanks for sharing your experience. It encourages me!
  2. psparks's Avatar
    Thats awesome !!!
  3. gopostal24's Avatar
    thanks dhb, psparks!
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Woohoo!! That is awesome! And 26 lbs is not so much. You will get there. I am higher than my HS weight but I did fit into my cheerleading skirt from 10th grade and I was skinny so I am pretty stoked about that!
  5. Stacey03's Avatar
    So great! You're almost there :-)