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Desperately trying to get back right

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Hello, I am new to the site and I am just looking for some success stories to help me stay motivated on my journey. I donít know what has happened as of lately but my eating habits have gotten ridiculous. Itís not that I eat a lot, but what I am eating, well was eating is so unhealthy. Even though I have only gained 7 of the 89 lbs I have lost since my gastric sleeve I am going backwards and I didnít go through all of this to do that. Is there anyone here who has gone through this and if so how did you overcome it. Is it possible to start losing constant again or have I messed some things up. I was getting so many ooohs and aaahs now no one says anything like itís noticeable but itís only 7 lbs... Iím worrying myself to death and thatís no good cause Iím a stress eater...help!

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    I know I already replied to your other post but hang in there. Refocus and recommit. If you really want this, you will start to make the changes. You need to detox yourself from the crappy foods. Maybe start by doing a day of just protein shakes. Then go back to eating just protein and veggies until you lose those pesky 7 lbs. You can do this.
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    7 pounds is the perfect time to get back on track! Don't wait until it's 10, 20, 30, or more! You already know exactly why you have gained, you are not eating how we were taught to eat with our sleeve. Get back to doing that and you'll be fine. Do you exercise? That helps too. It also helps me to weigh daily to maintain. (While I was losing I only weighed once a week.)

    I was up 5 pounds for practically a year after an injury, and finally got it off by going back to Weight Watchers. Totally crazy, but worked for me. I like the people and have made new friends, I like the meetings, sort of my therapy, I like the accountability of the weigh-ins, and I like their tracking program. Just an idea that worked for me. Their new program is exactly how we should be eating, focusing on protein, particularly fish, chicken, eggs, and beans. I attend for free as I was lifetime back in the days of phen-phen!! (Can you tell I've tried every diet know to man?)

    You've got this! And I totally understand stressing about "just" 7 pounds. My "just" 5 pounds made my pants too tight, and I refused to buy bigger pants! Good luck.
  3. gbear696's Avatar
    You can do this! Push yourself to be the person you desire to be.
  4. gopostal24's Avatar
    Hang in there! Be an inspiration for those who've come after you. I'm rooting for you!
  5. psparks's Avatar
    You can do this!! i am so afraid of regain im a stress eater as well. I do not want to go back living like i was before i think that is why i try to stay so focused. BUT im not going to lie when stress creeps in i find myself nibbling and i dont want or need too. you can do it!!!
  6. loren2's Avatar
    Somewhere a long the way, we learned to deal with our issues with food which then became habit. It sucks and it's a hard habit to break but it can be done. I try to get to the bottom of my eating. Am I sad, scared,angry,lonely, or overwhelmed. Then I try to do a behavior to counteract that feeling. Calling a friend, taking a walk, meditating for 5 min. I also like the support at over eaters anonymous. Lots of love, recovery and support there because the people there get it. I hope you will find your way back on track. Sending you lots of support and best wishes!
  7. Pam G's Avatar

    I can't believe the crap I've been eating....why? I don't know. It started just before Thanksgiving and hasn't stopped....although I'm trying.
  8. Pheeel21's Avatar
    Force yourself to write down everything you eat. We all know the problem foods and temptations. When you see things in writing you need to be honest with yourself. Be strong! Also increase your fluid intake. Go back to the basics. You can do this. Do it now. Do it at 7 instead of 27. Best of luck. Make it work.