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The First Day of the Best of My Life

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I hope it will be, anyway.

Am I nervous? Yeah. But I think it’ll be ok. It’s not as extensive of a surgical procedure as many of you have had, so I’m hoping my recovery will be okay.

I kept thinking that “Woo hoo! Tomorrow I can eat the chili I made tonight!” Or “Tomorrow I FINALLY get solid food!” But as we all know, that’s not true.

I still worry that I’m going to miss out on SO many things that I love. I just have to remind myself of two things: 1) It’s only 7 weeks until I’m back on a “regular” diet, and 2) I can spice up my puréed and soft foods all I want! Thats been the hardest part of the last 6 days: Being relegated to sweet tasting shakes and low sodium chicken broth (i was told not to flor anything this past week).

So tomorrow is the big day! I’ll keep you all posted, and thank you for your support, wisdom and encouragement. I may not respond to your comments as quickly or as often as I’d like, but rest assured that they are very much appreciated.

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  1. vivalabetsy's Avatar
    You can do this! We're all behind you!
  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    Go you! Love your attitude! But no solid food until you get your surgeon's permission, you don't want to damage that new tummy. I don't think you'll be hungry, so it's nothing to worry about.
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Hope your surgery went well.
  4. Vonnie's Avatar
    My surgery is in six days so I’d appreciate an update on. How you are doing?