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Day Five: I Feel Like Chicken Tonight!

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Yeah, I made bone-in roasted chicken thighs and spaghetti for dinner tonight. My kitchen smelled HEAVENLY, my family loved every bite and I sat there drinking a shake.

I didnít even lick spilled sauce off my fingers or swallow the pasta when I tested it for doneness.

Itís like I donít know myself anymore.

Only ONE MORE DAY of these boring shakes (which are actually pretty good)!! I was so desperate for something salty that I swigged a can of low sodium chicken broth this afternoon. I found myself feeling lightheaded- as though my blood sugar had dropped quickly, so I said ďScrew the rules! Iím having me some canned chicken broth! And whatís more, IíM GONNA DRINK THE WHOLE DAMN CAN! [Insert evil laugh here]Ē.

Yeah. Iím a badass. You know it.

For real, though. My biggest (immediate) fear is that Iíll pass out on the way to my surgery on Thursday morning. Itís a two hour drive and I canít eat anything...luckily hubby is driving me.

I went grocery shopping for the rest of my supplies today. Bought some Cream of Wheat, hummus, and low-fat cream soups. What I REALLY wanted was a deep dish pizza with a side of pork shoulder.

Yíall keep saying that it gets better, so for once Iím going to believe what a stranger on the internet tells me.

Besides, I need to believe that itís true.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    I only had to do 3 days of liquids pre op and I was sooooo freaking glad when they were over. Post op was easy because I really didn't want anything.
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    The tin of broth would have been great!!! Nearly there! Plus you're gonna look super cute and avoid the diabetes and all that shamoz :-)
  3. Jeanious's Avatar
    Hang in there. Not long to go now. Exciting!
  4. sraebaer's Avatar
    A long pre-op diet is the worst! I did it at a friend's lakehouse watching everyone eat gourmet meals and drinking fancy wine. But that trip I didn't dare wear a swimsuit, sat around sweating in capris and a T-shirt, and now I look good in a bathing suit. I wear them in PUBLIC! So a tiny part of your life with a little difficulty, for an amazing entire life where you are healthy and smaller - PRICELESS. So just keep your eye on the prize, it is SO WORTH IT!

    Good luck!
  5. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I second srabaer's comment, keep the big picture in your mind. Do a vision board, fantasize about how you want it to be after surgery and it's really all worth it in the end; plus your liver is thanking you for being on such a stringent pre op diet
    Continued success!