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Pre-Day Four: Halfway? NO WAY!!

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I guess thatís a deceptive titleó Iím not halfway. Iím more like 4/7ths of the way. But keeping within my habit of rounding up with finances and food, Iím gonna stick with it.

So...Day Four.

No problems sticking to things today, though I screwed up and forgot my mid-afternoon shake. I made up for it by doubling my evening shake and now I feel like a pregnant whale. Seriously- Iím bloated and I feel gross and the gallons of water Iíve been drinking arenít helping the situation.I can HEAR the fluid swishing around my stomach. Note to self: DO NOT SKIP SHAKES. And if you somehow do, for the love of everything holy and sacred, DO NOT DOUBLE UP ON THEM.

The GOOD thing about doubling my dinner is that I didnít feel a craving for the gorgeous crown roast of pork and creamy baby potatoes that I made for the rest of the family. Those healthy kids of mine with their athletics and high metabolisms...How I hate them. (Just kidding ❤️).

I think the key to getting through the next three days will be to stay busy. Weíve been redecorating Casa Sweetpea and I decided to do a lot of the painting myself. It occupies me and allows me to focus on something other than the taste of mashed potatoes and a thick, juicy ribeye with a brandy wine reduction followed by a chocolate mouó Sorry. I digress.

Where was I? Ah yes- the benefits of staying busy. On that note, did I mention that the smell of the paint gives me a pleasant high 😂😂😂?

Iím off to bed. The rhythmic swishing and gurgling sounds coming from my stomach are rather relaxing.

No wonder pregnancy whales always look sleepy.

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  1. Jeanious's Avatar
    Lol! You have a great attitude to life in general.
    You will go great once you have your sleeve on.
    I can't wait to hear your funny views when your done.
    Love it!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    HAHAHAHAHA. You're nearly there. I know the pregnancy whale swoosh :-)
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Almost there.