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Pre-Op Day Three: Me and My Sugar Snap Pea

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Thatís right! As I type this, Iím munching on sugar snap peas. Itís seems a better compromise than kicking the dog or killing my husband.

Iím feral. Iím angry. Iím resentful, jealous and aggravated. I want to eat my shoe. This liquid diet can take a hike.

Yet, I persevere. Havenít cheated at all (raw veggies are approved), but Iíve come close. My big issue today is that I FORGOT Iím on this diet. I came downstairs this morning and started to make toast and my son said, ďMom, what are you doing?Ē I completely forgot! I think it was just habit to come down and make breakfast.

Luckily, kiddo caught me in time and I headed to the blender like the good little fat ass I am. (And before you chastise me for calling myself ďfat assĒ, please note that I use the term in humor, not as a derogatory self-deprecative reference. My self esteem is alive and kicking).

I want to say that I survived Day Three, but thereís a pizza in the oven and I donít want to make promises I canít keep.

Iím going to bed. At 6:41 CST.

Because of pizza.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Hahaha. I say stuff like that all the time. Soon you will be a skinny bitch instead of a fat ass so bask in that glory!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    LOL!!! I love the going to bed early haaa :-)
  3. Jeanious's Avatar
    Yep, I found the two week pre op diet, tough.
    It's like being on a diet, like I had so many times before but this time
    remember it's only two weeks then your sleeve op.
    You'll waken up to the new you. No craving pizza, chocolate or cake.
    Sounds too good to be true but believe it, it's true. Hang in there.