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Pre-Op Day Two: Wake Me Up So I Can Go-Go

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I've been in the bathroom all day. Well, not ALL day...I did manage to see my therapist for an hour. It seems that the only time I'm willing to wait to pee is when there's a hefty deductible on the line.

Anyhoo...Today is Day Two.

I managed my four shakes again, and didn't have to supplement with my cheaters cup of chicken broth. I ate celery. I ate mushrooms. I added a bit of water to my soy milk smoothie prior to blending. And in the end, I made it through the day.

My therapist and I had a long talk about my fear of failure holding me back and my desire to be healthier pushing me forward. He knows me pretty well-- Well enough to schedule me through the year since losing 50lbs ain't gonna lose the monkey on my back. But i admit that this week, the monkey has been weighing me down more than usual. What if I go through this whole process, only to regain the weight because I'm still miserable? What if NEVER lose the monkey? Worse yet, what if it matures into a full size gorilla? (Yes, I know that monkeys don't turn into gorillas. Quit being pedantic and play along).

But for today, I'm in Optimist Mode. Perhaps my seven week recovery WON'T be akin to doing deep knee bends over a blue spruce. Maybe I CAN handle a liquid and soft food diet. Maybe Cream of Wheat no longer tastes like Cream of Wallpaper Paste. Maybe I can move my bed closer to the toilet...the possibilities are there!

i am Woman! Hear me flush.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    You absolutely can do this!! Don't worry...post op you won't pee nearly as much. And hopefully you can poop. I had such bad issues with being back logged. No fun at all. I can tell you that this surgery is amazing!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hang in there, you're doing good :-)