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I'm hoping to keep all my posts together, so I'll try blogging.
Not sure how it works.

I'm on a weeks holiday with my husband in our caravan.
We've just been for a two hour walk at the beach followed by a steam
train ride.
I had a latte for lunch while hubby had fish n chips. I tried a little of his fish, kept it down.
Then he had a whiskey at the distillery and I had a half cup coffee. The guy asked if everything was alright with the coffee. I felt a little embarrassed cause I couldn't drink it all.
Haven't had any dinner yet, it's 7.15 so better get another shake in.
I just can't eat yet. Every time I try I feel it getting stuck in my throat, where it stays until I have gaviscon.
I guess I'll get there.

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  1. Jeanious's Avatar
    Another day down and I'm having a cup of soup for dinner.
    My dietitian rang today to see how I was going. She suggested I stay on purée foods
    for at least another week then try sloppy porridge and soft stews.
    So when I get home, I'll get the slow cooker out.
    Cheese slices are still going down okay.
    I haven't weighed in for a week, so can't wait to get home to see the difference. My pants feel looser, here's hoping I've lost some.
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Well done jean you're doing good. Maybe it will just take a little while longer with the puree and soft. Good that you kept some fish down though. I cooked some lovely barramundi the other week, maybe you could try that? Keeping up your fluids and proteins is good though for sure. I love steam train rides!!! And whiskey distilleries!!!
    You will get there Jean xx
  3. Mikecab4's Avatar
    Hey Jean,

    Don't worry, you'll get there. I remember being super excited to move onto solid foods but quickly leaned back towards pureed foods for a while because it was easier to go down. I still sometimes puree certain vegetables and im 2 months out! By the way.. your vacation sounds amazing! Enjoy!

    All the best,
  4. Jeanious's Avatar
    Thanks for your help all. I think I've come to terms with the fact food will
    have to wait. Hey! Did I just say that?
    Gee! If you saw me with food before you'd have said, get a room. Lol.
    Anyway, heading home again after a week away and I feel good.
    Relaxed and feeling I can actually do more bending etc.
    We went to the beach yesterday, hubby went for a swim but I was still feeling big. So I sat on the sand and people watched.
    Had a lovely latte after and a little more fish at tea. Still keeping up fluids.
  5. Jeanious's Avatar
    I love barramundi! It's on my shopping list..
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    You'll definitely get there. Just hang in there. It is a little funny when I hear other people talking about not being able to get much in. I completely remember that phase of my sleeve. And how it took just a bite or two and I felt like I was going to pop. The gurgling and moaning. My husband asking if I was ok. Distant memory.