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Its been 4years!

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Wow! How has everyone been?! I think i forgot how much i enjoyed the support of everyone on this site. So, Im back!

The last 4 years have been full of change and growth, people treat you differently when you are thinner, believe it our not. Whether they knew you before the lost or met you afterwards, its still different. But also i carry myself differently , i'm not the same chic i was prior to my gastric sleeve. I have to tell myself this comes from maturity and growth, but also I know it comes from my increased sense of well being and confidence.

So lets back track alittle...not too much though lol! My highest weight back in 2013 was 301 lbs, my lowest weight was 179lbs. I now sit at 200lbs. Honestly although i enjoyed my honeymoon days as 179lbs wearing a size medium or small, when i look back on it all I think i was too small, i almost looked "skeletorish" in the face..too gaunt, and i feel like i lost my curves So , over the past few years i have added in, strength training and I love it. But I also returned to some bad eating habits, hence the 200lbs, at most 205lbs.

I still continue to battle with my eating habits, i still love to eat, and im a snacker, epecially now after my gastric sleeve. I fill up in 5mins..but give me 30mins and I want more food. Hence the reason, i am here. i have to remind myself how far i have come, but also motivate myself to continue and not slip back into old habits. ( taco bell binges, no exercise,low self esteem)

I just want to provide support for you guys who are beginning their journey and receive support from the ones that are further along than myself.

Hitting 200lbs a few months back shook me, because i honestly never thought i would be 200lbs again, and it scared me that i was sliiping again. But I see now, that im ok. 200lbs is not bad, but honestly i want to go back to 190lbs with strength and tone. I dont want to go on a strict diet, i want to fine tune my eating habits, because i dont eat horribly ( i try to restrict carbs and fast food, increase vegetables and water) and i want to eat what i want to eat .

Having a healthy lifestlye is a journey, its also a balancing act, lol! So hey! the journey continues!

stayed tuned for updated photos!


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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi Serenity, so nice to meet someone a bit further along the path. I'm 4 weeks out :-)
  2. psparks's Avatar
    Welcome back!
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    Welcome back, Serenity. You can do this. I love your approach of not doing a low-cal diet, but fine-tuning your lifestyle and living your lifestyle consistently.

    You CAN do this. I have complete faith in you.

    BTW, I absolutely love that dress you have on in your photograph. Beautiful.
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Welcome back Serenity. Hope you find your balance!
  5. Gege1061's Avatar
    You look wonderful! The scale is just a number. You radiate beauty! Congratulations on still maintaining after four years! Lots to be proud of!