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heavy holidays

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so hi all!!! I realized I've been mia for almost a year. so here's an update on me as of late. The baby just turned 2!!!! Oldest is 14!!!! And surprise surprise (extreme sarcasm) I haven't lost any baby weight!!!! As a matter of fact I'm 5lbs over than when I gave birth!!!! So disappointed w/ myself but I have fallen so far off the wls wagon it has run me over!!!! We stopped nursing at 17mo so I was hoping to get back on track but alas that was 7 mo ago. My oldest wants to go to planet fitness w/me so he can get a jump on strength straining before hs football
lifting starts in January. I used to LOVE going to the gym before I got pregnant but stopped because I was afraid I'd overdo it & risk the pregnancy. I went from a size 6 to a current 14. My husband, friends & family all tell me I still look good but I'm not happy w/ myself & I have let my inner fat girl take control big time!!! I recently had another ultrasound to see if my liver is still fatty since I was sleeved 4 years ago & thankfully it's not any longer & all my bloodwork is great except for the fact that I'm now anemic lol. so that has made me complacent. I need a major shake up & restart but I'm seriously lacking the drive & will power to make the changes, Calling all my 4+ years out sleevers for HELP!!!!! Thanks for reading & sorry it's so long!!! Love & fluffy hugs to all!!!!

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    I'm 4 years out and I know it's a struggle to maintain. You just have to get back with the program. Does the gym have babysitting? You could take the baby and work out, that's the only way my daughter can get any exercise. Unless you're somewhere warm enough for walks with the stroller.

    I went a little crazy and joined Weight Watchers again and am finding it fun. I've never tracked anything, and now the tracking is all set up on my phone. The program is just how we are to be eating, the high protein foods are the lowest points, stuff with sugar, fat, carbs high in points. I was just counting protein for 4 years, not realizing many of my protein choices sucked, like Greek yogurt or protein bars that are really high in sugar. I decided I needed the accountability of weekly weigh-ins.

    But whatever works for you. Glad to see you back! Enjoy those kiddos!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    You made a whole baby!!!! This makes you a superstar!!! YUP!
    Baby weight is hard and plus it sounds like your hands are full with the kidlets!!! Children are a blessing even when they are driving you mad LOL.
    Welcome back on board, I'm sure you know what to do, you've just been run off your feet with those kids! :-)
  3. Picard182's Avatar
    Use that teenager, if she wants to go work out with you, that's always a benefit. My kids have helped get back into an exercise routine. Its the ones that love us the most that want to see this work for us.
  4. psparks's Avatar
    My soon to be 13 year old walks with me it really is beneficial for me and her i love it
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    I hope you can get yourself back on track and back to your happy weight. I know how frustrated you must feel. Make a plan and tackle it. Knock out those bad habits one at a time. Wishing you much success.