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I'm going wrong somewhere....

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Yesterday I had my monthly check up at my surgeons. The physician's assistant took my blood pressure and weight and saw that I am 1.4lbs up from last month.
She asked me what's going on...I honestly didn't know what to say. I was actually hoping she could offer me some insight into whats going on.
My 3 weeks stall has turned into a 4 and 5 week stall. I explained about getting a nasty UTI that I was on antibiotics for and she told me that can definitely mess up my system. I'm also due on my period next week and I usually go up about 3lbs due to water retention. But other than that I am honestly at a loss as to why the scale isn't moving downwards.
It wasn't fun sitting in the doctors trying to explain why I've gained 1.4lbs when I don't really know myself.
My husband said that at some point physics will have to kick in and calories in versus calories will start making the scale moving downwards.
But maybe I need to start looking at what I'm doing, because surely I must be doing something wrong to have no significant weight loss 5 weeks post surgery?

I haven't been eating 3 meals and 2 snacks or eating at set times, in all honesty I've just been grazing little bits of food here and there whenever I get hungry. By grazing I mean a tablespoon of almond butter, or spoonful of cottage cheese, a hard boiled egg, or a piece of fish, or a yogurt or a protein shake.
I think I have absolutely been eating too many carbs. I have to hold my hand up to that. If I had a piece of fish I was having it with a some mashed sweet potato. I was eating cottage cheese with a couple of oat cakes (kinda like crackers but flour-free) I've also had the odd little bowl of rice krispies or cheerios when I've been starving and haven't known what else to eat. I think that's the problem in general - besides plain chicken or fish, I don't really know what I should be eating.

I also tend to make everyone in my family something different each to eat - tonight it was eggplant in garlic sauce and noodles for my husband, my little girl wanted a peanut butter sandwich and then by the time I get to sorting myself out I usually can't be bothered making anything and just have a protein shake or whatever I can find that is high in protein. Last night my husband had pizza and I pulled off a bit of cheese and pepperoni and ate that. Well whatever it is I'm doing I guess it isn't working and I need to change. I've now got the all-clear to go ahead and start exercising.

I have to be honest. I'm kinda shocked that my weight loss has not just stalled but is wavering between 235-240lbs when I'm only 5 weeks post op. I'm not eating fast food or inhaling so much food I'm stretching my stomach.
At the end of my appointment yesterday the PA that I no longer needed to drink protein shakes unless I wanted to replace a meal with them and that I could not eat any carbs. No potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, sweet potatoes, corn, peas, fruit or starchy veg. So I'm left with protein, veg and dairy. I need to get on top of this or I feel like I'm not going to recover from it properly. Sorry if I seem negative or naive. This has gotten me down.

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  1. Truffles's Avatar
    Start drinking more. Herbal tea if you can't drink enough water. And, yes, try and stay away from the carbs.
  2. Ann2's Avatar
    Actually, it sounds like you know what to do:

    * Stop grazing.
    * Eat 3 meals a day -- plan them, eat them.
    * Cut out all "slider foods" (highly processed, low-nutrition foods that pass quickly through your sleeve and don't satiate your appetite or nourish your body).
    * (As Truffles said) ... drink more water.
    * Move your butt. It's time to do so.

    So as Nike says ... Just Do It!
  3. mellowjoy's Avatar
    Take the time to prep your meals. Cook, measure and get your food ready for the week. Start tracking what you're eating. Tracking helps you see the protein, carbs, fat, sugar, etc. that you're eating. Without prep and tracking I would be in a world of hurt. Also get food scales and measure what you're eating. At 5 weeks I was eating about 2 to maybe 3 ounces per meal. The surgery works but you also have to put in the work to be successful.

    By planning you'll have a healthy choice when you're hungry rather than relying on rice krispies or cheerios.

    You should also have an approved/recommended list of foods from your doctor's office. If you don't call them and ask them for one.
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    So a lot of people were negative in the beginning when I told them my surgeon/NUT said I should eat protein and then veg. Carbs were a last resort. Well it must've been right because it worked very well for me. Once I had lost most of my weight, I added carbs back in slowly and minimally. Now I can eat whatever I want. That being said, nutrition is important to me. I still focus on protein and veggies first. (The non starchy kind.) Then I can have carbs if I want/need them. You can do this. Remember those carbs are nutritionally void calories. Your body needs protein and veggies. Some easy suggestions for when you don't have time for yourself...Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt, a can of chicken or tuna (I liked mine made into tuna/chicken salad with mayo and pickles), an envelope of salmon (I found this to be tastier than I thought it would be-I have not tried the canned ones), sandwich meat and cheese, eggs, beans. For veggies the choices are endless as long as they don't hurt your belly. A nice big leaf of Romaine is great to wrap up tuna/egg/chicken salad or meat & cheese. I avoided starchy/high carb veggies like potatoes, corn, and carrots. When I felt I needed something "just because" I would have 1-2 sugar free popsicles...after all they count towards your fluid goal as well. I had to eat very frequently in the beginning because I could not eat much at all. I did not do 3 meals and 2 snacks until I was quite a bit of the way along. What helped me was to have a small bite of a low carb/high protein bar or a piece of beef jerky. Also the antacids helped me with the fake hunger pangs caused by stomach acid in the beginning. Try not to beat yourself up. You got this. You can do it!! Keep strong and follow the plan.
  5. Stacey03's Avatar
    Sounds like you're having a tricky time but with all the advice above you can sort this! Yes! Some food prep, some planning, some walking and you will be right back on top of it. I think it's really easy to get into grazing or just not be bothered, especially when it is only tiny amounts you can eat but you are so important yes? You have done this for yourself and you deserve the time and energy to plan your healthy life.
    What about making food that you can eat too and dishing that up to your family, sometimes it's hard whan they are eating different things eh.
    Also it's not uncommen to have the 3 week stall for 4 weeks from what I've read but it looks like you might have recognised some dodgy behaviour. Don't be sad or down, this is all a learning process and we are all bound to make mistakes at times.Stand back up. You can sort this. Shine bright like a diamond xxxxxxxx