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1 week Post Op

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This first week has been fairly good. Had surgery Wednesday, home Thursday, back to work Friday- which may have been crazy but... I'm a Realtor so I don't make money if I don't work. Fortunately, I love my job. Anyway, getting protein and fluids in the 1st couple of days was challenging, but not a problem any longer. Gas is significantly better and bloating has subsided - especially now that I added a stool softener to the mix. Walked 2 miles yesterday which felt pretty good. I keep hearing everyone feeling more energy after surgery. Not quite for me. Mid day I need a nap! Talk to my nut and she has suggested I up my protein from 60g to 80-90g. Hoping that gets me going through the day. I am guessing if I were sleeping better at night that would help too. I can't seem to sleep through the night. Wake up every couple of hours either from pain (incision sites) or having to pee. LOL. Getting lots of fluids in.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to family time. I am a little worried about being surrounded with all that food but I am going to focus on playing with my grandbabies! And drink my shakes...

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Kathy!!!! You crazy girl, getting back to work so soon! Yikes! But good on you. I think napping is totally normal at the moment. I found I was awake a lot at night in the first few days too.You sound like you are doing great. Happy Thanksgiving :-)
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    You definitely need more protein with your work. Week 1 I needed to take cat naps daily. I was off that week. I went back to work exactly 1 week post op. I was better by week 2 but I still was tired by the end of the day. Also, consider vitamin B12. You can find the dissolvable kind on Amazon and it is pretty good. I think the brand is Sun Down Naturals. Just make sure you get dissolvable and not pills.
  3. KathyM's Avatar
    Thanks, made the mistake of taking a tyelnol and immediately heaved it up. Forgot no tablets. I am miserable but hopefully lesson learned. Happy Thanksgiving!