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Uh oh

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Tonight I ate some beef stew that I'd made for me and my husband. I mushed mine up as best I could, it's basically carrots, onions, stewing steak, beef broth and potatoes. Now I feel bad because I've eaten white potatoes and I'm worried I'm just going to end up inhaling 5lbs of carbs, stretch my stomach and mess everything up.
Later on I was making breakfast sandwiches for my husband to take to work, I tend to make a big batch of something for his breakfasts and lunches at work. I like cooking and it saves money. I made him a load of sausage, egg and cheese english muffins. Had a bite of a sausage. Tasted gooooood. I'm fed up with tuna salad and scrambled eggs. Now I feel guilty. White potatoes and sausage in one night. I'm getting paranoid that I'm on some sort of slippery slope back into obesity. Not that I'm even out of obesity yet. I could probably do with a plan to tell me what to eat everyday and help stop me from getting bored and eating the same old thing all the time. There's only so much cottage cheese a girl can take.
This is making me think I didn't fully realize just how much fat and carbs I was eating before surgery. I feel a bit lost. I'm not very sure what I should be eating besides eggs, cottage cheese and tuna and I'm starting to hate those foods.
Next I need to tackle head hunger, I know I do get genuinely hungry, but I also know there are times when I want to eat but I'm not hungry. That's the kicker that I need to deal with, what do you do when you want to eat but aren't hungry? Mind you I feel like if any of us could've figured that one out we wouldn't have needed surgery in the first place.
I need to sleep, I haven't had a decent nights sleep in ages. I rarely sleep longer than 5 or 6 hours. I've give anything to be able to sleep for 8 hours a night, every night. If only there was a surgery to correct insomnia. It runs in my family, I remember watching my Grandma going through sleeping pills like they were M&Ms, my cousin, aunt, brother, they all struggle with it. My dad has been tired from not sleeping well for the past 2 decades. It's such a curse.
Anyway, lets hope tonight I'll be able to get to sleep and won't feel so crap in the morning.

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    A few white potatoes and a little sausage (protein!) are nothing to freak out about. Basically it's protein first, then veggies, then a little bit of carbs if room. Stew sounds great! Cut the guilt, this is life. You'll have a carb once in a while. Many people here don't cut the good carbs much at all and do really well.

    As far as food, all meats, seafood, eggs, low-fat greek yogurt, low-fat string cheese, nuts are my diet. Just had a paella cook out, where I basically picked out all the shrimp, scallops, chicken, and sausage. (See-sausage!). Skipped the rice. We live on the rule of two, hubby picks out a meat or seafood and then a veggie. If you can't just look at the food in the grocery store and get creative, maybe some bariatric cookbooks would help. Eating the same stuff all the time would get really boring. Good luck!

    As far as sleeping, I never sleep. Also runs in my family. Haven't slept all night through since having children (oldest is 37!). I've seen zillions of doctors, had sleep studies (said not sleep apnea but woke up 49 times), nothing helps. Finally found a sleeping pill that gives me 4 solid hours, and that's after trying every sleeping medication out there. So I feel your pain about sleeping. The specialist did say that if I'm not falling asleep during the day I'm probably fine with the little sleep I get. And I guess I am.
  2. Pam G's Avatar
    sausage is fine. the white potatoes....not so much. but don't beat yourself up over it. it's a learning process.
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Mostly you ate fine. I think that you probably did not eat much of the stew to begin with . You will be fine. I tried to focus on lean proteins first but I also ate some not so lean proteins. Like ribeye. We are not going to eat perfect all the time. When I felt like mindlessly eating I would chew sugar free gum, eat a sugar free popsicle, go for a walk, or come on here and answer posts. It is hard to stuff your face when you are typing!
  4. ghost_ryder's Avatar
    First thing to remember is carbs are not bad for you. Too many carbs are bad for you. Recognize what it is and wake up tomorrow and change what you can.

    As far as sleep, it is not how long but how good. I generally don't sleep more than 6 hours a night but now a year post-op, I am sleeping better than I have in years. Sleeping through the night without waking every two hours to go to the bathroom. I assume due to the sleep apnea being under control, my kidneys are working they way God intended. When you sleep soundly, your kidneys quit producing urine so the body can recover and you get better rest. All with time will improve, just work your program and get through the steps.