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Salad? 🥗

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Hey Guys,

I am now 11 days post-op and cannot wait to start with purée foods soon. However, when the time comes to start eating solids and normal types of food again... when would be the right time to start introducing lettuce into my diet? Is kale even allowed? I always forget to ask my nutritionist these questions...

All the best,

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    I totally love kale. Kale is life. I want to know this answer too :-)
    How are you going my friend?
  2. Mikecab4's Avatar
    Hey Stacey,

    I definitely hear you... kale is life!
    So far things have been great. Tomorrow is weigh in day so I’m crossing my fingers! Been checking every Sunday. The other day I had gone to an engagement party (first time since the surgery) and tons of ppl were complimenting me on how good I look and what I’ve been doing
    Life is great!
    Hey stace, how are You doing??

    All the best,
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    Mate, I am good, gawd I have turned a corner! Feeling so much better today (day5) and I might have to go out of the house! Maybe i will pop around to the shops, they said I could drive from today. Day 3 was a rough day for me and I spent it having a sob and watching you tube videos of puppies and kittens and things! LOL. I felt loads better later though, kittens and kale and puppies are probaly all you need in life!
    But yeah, feeling heaps better and I slept through the whole night last night!!!
  4. zoey101's Avatar
    Hi Michael,

    I definitely wouldn't try any Kale or Lettuce for a few weeks if not months. Your stomach is still healing and that stuff can be pretty aggressive on the body. Definitely ask your nutritionist but I personally couldn't handle anything like that for over a year. Just Take your vitamins, get in your protein, water and eat healthy pureed food for now and take it slow. Don't push too hard to eat things that your ready for in your head but your stomach say's otherwise. Trust me when you try it you will know if your ready and if not you won't feel to great. Congratulations on your new life and good luck!
  5. Ann2's Avatar
    It’s all so different person to person. Salads (specifically, lettuces and other greens) were some of the last foods that I could stomach well. To tell the truth it’s only in the last 6 months that I love them again. And I’m over 3 years post-op. But love them again now I do!
  6. Stacey03's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ann2
    It’s all so different person to person. Salads (specifically, lettuces and other greens) were some of the last foods that I could stomach well. To tell the truth it’s only in the last 6 months that I love them again. And I’m over 3 years post-op. But love them again now I do!
    We have hope Michael :-)
  7. DutchSleeve's Avatar
    I wasn't allowed salads untill three months out.
    I was craving my salads, I love 'm!
  8. sraebaer's Avatar
    My husband thinks kale is a communist conspiracy. I think it's fine mixed with other greens.

    As far as to when you can eat it, you should have gotten a specific list from your nutritionist outlining what food can be introduced when. If you don't have one, go back and get it. (Unless it's Mexico.). I basically had a "bible" with every specific I needed to know, exactly what vitamins/protein products/ foods I needed to eat. I know I had the first 2 weeks of liquids, week 3 of soft foods, and 4-6 introducing everything else. At 6 weeks I was cleared for anything. I don't even remember where greens fit in, maybe towards the end?

    Good luck!
  9. Stacey03's Avatar
    Oh thats a thought Sraebaer, my nutritionist gives me the lists as we go along, that's worth checking out Michael.

    HAHA about your husband and the kale, I have friends like this too. I'm determined to get them to eat it one day!

    I think we are going to be waiting a while Michael LOL!
  10. Mikecab4's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Thanks, loving the comments!
    I have a list from my nutritionist at NYU but it’s not exactly so detailed. I’ve been calling a few times a week but I’m starting to become that annoying person.... lol. I guess it’s just everything a crazy new to me that’s all. Anyways... 2 more days of liquids and than purée, psyched!!

    All the best,
  11. Stacey03's Avatar
    So jealous!!!! LOL
  12. Christie13's Avatar
    So protein is first. But you can start adding veg one at a time. A lot of people have issues with salad/lettuces. I personally never had an issue with any veg I tried. Not salads and not cruciferous veggies. Maybe you will be lucky. Just remember to focus on protein first and then veggies. In the beginning you will mostly just have room for protein.
  13. Mikecab4's Avatar
    Hey Christie,

    Thanks! I hope so. Totally agree protein comes first

    All the best,
  14. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I tried salads about 5-6 months out and haven't stopped. My friend who just had surgery ate some about 4 months out and it made her really sick, said it felt like "compost in her little belly." She's now 9 months out and afraid to try them again

    I'd stick with a small amount after your protein and just see how it goes. I found that every time I'd introduce a new food into my diet, I'd just try a little and see how it went. My belly pretty much controlled my choices of food in the beginning. Continued success!
  15. Mikecab4's Avatar
    Hey Jerzeygirl,

    I hope I could handle salads in a few months. Ive just started puree today and so far so good

    All the best,
  16. LittleLolli's Avatar
    Salads are empty calories. I am 5 years out and I don't usually eat any salads at all. I still push the protein and vegetables, and a little carbs. I am doing well, have kept 80 lbs off out of 110 lbs. originally lost. I consider myself very lucky.
  17. Mikecab4's Avatar
    Hey Lolli,

    Wow, congrats! That's Amazing!

    All the best,