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has anyone else come across not remembering many things even after being told a few times as of lately after surgery it seems worse my husband is starting to say (questioning how much im actually paying attention, ) because of how much im forgetting and he never has been disrespectful to me i know he wants me to just pay attention but i write it down loose the paper or misplace etc.. great example also today is i found a remote we have lost for a few months now and said woots omg omy and then turned to him and asked did you find this ... reason i did this was any time before i found something so easy he would say i found it and put it there how else do you think you found it so easily .. however this time i did the skip assumption of me finding it and asked if he did .. he said really ? im not going into this right now .. so i started to walk away and he said "you just found it " .. so some times i feel im loosing it i am wrong if i say it one way and lost if i say it another ..but other ways i really just cant remember things like wake up at x time i dont recall wake up x time so dont set alarm woke early enough speaks w/ him and all as he goes back to sleep dont wake him up and 10 of when he had to be somewhere really you dont remember our talk the night before i had to get up we was going to .... honestly i did not till you just asked me .. shrugs..

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Updated 11-25-2017 at 09:29 PM by Missy1974 (removed one subject out incase someone comes across my blog)

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi Missy,
    When did you have your surgery? i think all this stuff can knock you for six and being forgetful is not surprising. If it gets worse or seems really unusual it might be worth seeing your doctor for a quick check. Use the 2 week rule, if something is no better in 2 weeks go to the doc :-)
    Writing things down in a notebook so its all in one place is good. I'm even writing down the times I take my drugs at the moment because i dont trust myself LOL.
    Also not helpful for husband to be saying (questioning why your so forgetful) Give him a slap from me for that. Hopefully he is generally understanding!
    Hope it all gets better asap :-)
    Updated 11-25-2017 at 09:30 PM by Missy1974 (same reason as mine)
  2. zoey101's Avatar
    Hi Missy, This sounds familiar as I went through something like this for a while after my surgery. I was also extremely emotional and overly sensitive and very forgetful for about 3 months after. With that said if it continues I would see your Dr. and see what they think might be going on. Some people react very differently from anestetia SP? and what your going through can be a side effect. Also if you are still on any pain meds which by now you shouldn't be but if you are that can also cause forgetfulness. As far as the way your Husband spoke to you maybe you should have a heart to heart with him and explain what your going through and that your not doing this on purpose. He may then have a little more compassion instead of being snarky about it. Keep in mind that this is new to him and he may be losing his patience. I know my Husband and Son had a really hard time dealing with my emotional roller coaster because that's just not me. I couldn't explain what was happening so they didn't know what to do either. I ended up sitting them both down and asking them to have a little more compassion and be a little more understanding. They both understood and they did respond to me allot better and they really were wonderful but it had to be explained to them first. No offense to men but sometimes they just don't have that understanding chip like women do and they don't think like us so you have to explain it like their 5 lol. Good luck with everything and please see your Dr if this continues.
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Two things. First, it is easy to have brain fog when you are not getting enough nutrients. This is why besides protein and fluids, it is important to take all your vitamins. Second, your hubby may be a bit grouchier than normal. So a lot of men get a little testy as their women start to lose weight. It is an insecurity thing. Hopefully this will pass. Sending you a big hug.
  4. ShariBerry's Avatar
    I'm still a pretty new sleever, but I experienced serious brain fog and memory issues about 2 months post op. I'm feeling normal again now, so what has changed? Everything that Christie mentioned, I started to make sure to take all my vitamins religiously. There were some that had been making feel ill when I took them post op, so I stopped. This contributed to it. I switched the vitamin that was bothering me to a multivitamin patch. I also went into the doctor and got a shot of Vit B each week for a month. Also made sure I was getting enough calories.
    I can not even tell you how much better I felt. Hoping something similar works for you soon. The feeling of loosing your mind is not fun.
  5. Mikecab4's Avatar
    Hey Missy,

    Yes, I thought I was losing it. Glad to hear i'm not the only one, lol. It'll get better once we start eating again but most importantly make sure to take those vitamins! We'll get there. Enjoy!

    All the best,
  6. Missy1974's Avatar
    well to update .. my dr i had just seen mentioned it could be the change of as you all mentioned nutrition and meds i am on one for thyroid and she said that could also do it but to make sure i dont miss any doses which i had a bit after surgery. My husband has not said to much about it lately but also pulled some responsibility off me lol so i guess that works .. for now. I had my surgery sept 27th and in augs i was 301 as of tuesday i was 252 such a big change i fit a size 18 pants also this week mind you in augs i was wearing almost a 30 womens so big changes i have updated latest picture so you all can see too .. thank you all for your support and ty for letting me know it is some times normal with us lol to be foggie and or forgetful .. also .. hope all your thanksgivings went well knowing some of us its our first one after surgery lots of changes ..
    i had like table spoon of this and that tiny piece of this and or that etc. variety and still only ate about 1/2 what i took but ate which was good .. my stomach later that night was not so happy sure i ate slow sure i chewed but some items i think was just soo heavy also and lack of fluids ..