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26th day post opp/my journey, my healthy meltdown.

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I would like to share my blog maybe it will help someone. I have read a lot of blogs and just love this site . The support here has been awesome for sure and I appreciate that. I started my journey because my partner wanted to do this and her daughter was in process to have gastric. I joined the program in march going thru the 6 months of required appts to learn and live with sleeve (well so my insurance would pay) . After insurance approval they schedule me in sept ( I got cold feet and changed to OCT) I really wanted DEC but a coworker who completed her journey said no keep oct so your ins will cover your post opp visits and it will save you money . I had in my mind OCT it will be...

Surgery day came fast I never thought I would give soo much blood for varies of things however, I sucked it up and this was what I wanted. My surgery went great during the pre op stage I cheated a few times on real food that satisfy we all get to just feel that overfull . My surgeron said my liver was great so I never told him of my 3 cheats during 2 week preopp. I had only one night stay with no sickness much at all in fact I didn't ask for many pain shots because flushing out the IV and those lovanox blood thinner shots ever 12 hours were far more worse in my head that the pain in the belly. My 4 maybe 5 incision on my tummy were small and well glued (not bit issue there ) and already healed by post opp appt.

Whats left?? We have to learn to know our new tummy . Food network kills me I during liquid stage went and made a pancake , I had 3 bites and hurt, I know better now. I am battling with the boost company over some of their shakes that taste like a plastic bottle they are making good they are checking the product and promise to send me some coupons . I got another case the other day and there perfect for premade quick protein ( I got very tired of GNC lean 25 and hospital protein soups ) My liquid stage is 6 weeks then we move month to month into puree (next week for me) and then I move into soft foods and then whole foods by jan. I had a smidge a protein melt and ran to GNC for some new ideas (all I hated and pour down drain) . However , I found a lil market whose tuna n chicken salads are more in a liquid puree state and been eating 2 whole wheat crackers with their tuna n have been amazily feeling better. My only weird issue to state is the constipation . I read most post sayin that gets better so that makes me feel better. Its all over and since the start of my whole process I have lost 45 pounds (look like consignment shopping coming very near)

I am not perfect I hate any type of water and its been a struggle . I mainly drink a lot unsweet tea along with some water. I am feeling great and sooo right each dern day gets better. I am ready to move to some blended baby foods so to speak for differ taste . This is so life changing ! I was the girl who would order 2 combo meals or ask for extra breads . Now I look back at that it was scary plus expensive. I have melted down but my heart says I made this right decision in my early 40s to do this as I started my journey at 315 pounds!!

God Speed and great luck in our journeys people we are blessed to make this our life accomplishment (one of the hardest we will ever do) keep up the great works wonderful people.

Belinda in Ohio

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  1. yolymarie's Avatar
    Keep it up and good luck
  2. Missy1974's Avatar
    hun i soo hear ya i am 42 going on 43 dec I said time for change took almost a year it felt like but it was 6-9 month prep and then sept 27th surgery i was in longer but i also knew due to weather change i was feeling sick but not enough to jepordize my surgery and even let them know before going in so if they saw something they can say nope .. cant do it..i had been told NOOOOo pasta crackers white flour items stick w/protien and veggi and some fruit .. however watch sugars carbs but when you look at a carb and say it says 10 carb and 5 dietary fibers its really like 5 carbs because the other 5 go right out your butt lol . now that being said i have found isopure from gnc i like expeially the fruit punch . i was told for liquids that are safe also to drink was snapple icetea diet , crystal light, vitamin water zero, gaterade and poweraid bot zeros (i dont do gateraid but thats evey ones choice ) as for soups do stock instead of just broth also gives you clear liquids but some seasonins i found i really liked that flavor better then just a broth. i was told also just because it says protein bar becareful it may have more sugars .. so i use primer advantage but thats only once you can eat sollids also for liquid protien is proti -15 i tried the pomegranate i like and barietrics primere advantage powder both approved from the dr hope this helps some .. i also have bought a master ninja blender which chops and blends purees etc.. i paid like 75 but sooo worth it through amazon so now i can also do chicken salad ham salad im already doing tuna salad warning when you puree the chicken and other meats be warned it will be a bit gritty same as bby food due to being natural real food not processed which to me is fine but some wont like it .. but add a few seasons no worries sorry running on and on hope i help good luck
  3. Stacey03's Avatar
    Congratulations on your weight loss so far Belinda. This is a gift and your weight loss so far is so good. Best wishes to you :-)
  4. Leslieann's Avatar
    Congrats Belinda!! Keep up the good work!! I'll be a year out in JAN and I'm in a size 9 WOO HOO!!
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    Way to go! That is a great start! Your food phases are long. I was lucky and only had mine in 2 week increments. As for constipation, mine lasted 10 months. I am FINALLY regular again. I found that glycerin suppositories or 1/3 of an enema worked best for me.