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Keeping it real!

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So, day 4 and I've cried 4 times. Last night I had pain around 1 am and thats usually in the hospital when they would give me tablets. So anyway, because i'm home now I wasn't keen on having morphine, so I just had paracetemol and was awake for a while, and in the morning I wished i had just taken a stronger one.

So I sat at the kitchen table and cried, while the doc did comforting reassurance and a quiet chat about how adequate pain relief can be a wonderful thing. I try to avoid endone but clearly it can be handy.

And then I watched a rescue puppy video and iI was like 'omg I need to rescue ALL of the puppies' and I cried.

And then 2 friends called me, one on her way to work and I told her I dreamt I delivered her baby, in a post surgery dream, and I cried about that.

And then my other friend called to say she is going to drop by tommorrow with some organic aloe vera juice and I thought that was really kind and so I cried about that.

And I'm fine, like I'm not sad, I've just totally got the emoshies! My psychologist was telling me beforehand that I might get the baby blues, the day 3 and 4 stuff. It feels like that would be pretty normal after surgery so I'm just going with it.

I've also had a good morning nap so feeling much better.

Emoshie Lurve to everyone xxx

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  1. simplyseahorse's Avatar
    well I cry a lot of the time already, so I can only imagine! I wonder if it is hormonal shifting.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Welcome to the hormone changes. They do stabilize. The better the nutrition and vitamin intake the better your hormones will be.