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Fat Guy in the Room

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For the past 52 years Iíve been the fat guy in the room. I donít really know if thatís what people thought about me but it was how I felt. I always tried to be funny and crack jokes at my expense but I was never comfortable in my own skin. Over the past 9 months I have lost 119 pounds. Iím no longer the fat guy in the room. But I still feel like I am. I look in the mirror and think who is this guy? I love the way my body is changing and I hope at some point in time my mind changes as well. I donít ever want to go back to being that guy. I began this journey when I was 10 as I started dieting with my mom and it has been 42 years of roller coaster ride. Up and down up and down and there seemed to be no end. Today I wake up to a new chance, a new life, a life with no medication, a life that is not restricted! Thank you God for allowing me another chance to enjoy life!

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  1. DHB's Avatar
    Wow. Congratulations! I love your spirit. I'm having surgery 9 days before Thanksgiving and even though I'll still be dealing with the post-op stuff I know I'll be thankful for the beginning of a new chapter.
  2. Ann2's Avatar
    Amen! So happy for you.

    I'm 3 years, 3 months post-op -- and happy as I can possibly be about my health. You WILL get used to the new you. And you'll keep loving the new you.

    Self-care and self-love is the secret to ALL of this.
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    I knew that feeling all too well. I was also the Fat Girl in the Room. Now I am the Skinny Girl in the Room. No more fat girl. She is gone and never coming back. I love my new life way too much to give it up and go back to being unhappy.
  4. Brass598's Avatar
    I felt the same way for years. You have to love yourself first, I know it sounds easy, and it is Be proud that you lost 116 lbs. and screw what anyone else is saying or thinking.