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Well, I'm nearly into the 2 week count down mode.
I've looked in the wardrobe, thinking how great it'll be to get rid of these big clothes and buy new ones. My clothes are so daggy. I'm not wearing saggy baggy black track pants ever again.
I've just come in from the garden, trying to get it ready for summer, putting mulch down.
Again, I've come in stuffed and sweaty. Just thinking it'll be so much easier with the extra weight off.
I won't miss the excess under the boob sweating either.
As I said before, summer is on its way and I intend to enjoy the outdoors instead of lying on the couch with air conditioner on because I can't handle going out in the heat.

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  1. Katrina's Avatar
    First off, losing all that extra weight is great, no doubt about it. But... There's still boob sweat. I still have plenty of boob sweat at 112 lbs, so maybe don't get your hopes too high on that going away. And, don't be too quick to trash those saggy, baggy black track pants. You may find even after losing all the weight that you still gravitate towards them. I have a closet full of new, wonderful, tiny clothes, but I still LOVE my saggy, baggy grey sweats. I'm wearing some now. They're fabulous.

    I know you're excited, and you should be. I'm 3 years out, and I remember how excited I was to get on the path to the new thinner me. The time sure does fly. Take lots of pictures along the way, so you can look back and see how far you've come. It's darn amazing how quickly it all happens. You'll be a whole new you on the outside by this time next year. Best of luck to you on your journey!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    How exciting! Not long to go, buying new clothes is going to be fun!!! xx
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Oh I adore my new wardrobe. I found that I sweat a lot less this summer than I used to. Now that it is getting cold I am finding that I have a much lower tolerance for cold as a skinny person. I used to never get cold. Now I get cold super easy. Sometimes it is embarrassing.