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Day 2 and a bit... middle of night!

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So itís the middle of the night and Iíve just been woken up for tablets , pain and nausea ones. You never get any rest in a hospital, I know this, so itís like being on a really, really, boring long haul flight!

Unfortunately the ward is totally full so Iím in a share room. Itís okay, Iím such an understanding nursey type person (but I do wish it was a single room) and the girl next to me has had a bypass. She is having a much harder time of it. Part of that being the refusal to move. I feel like giving the nursy talk, but Iím like nahhhhh shut up, youíre not in charge here.

Gotta love how patients lie though. Have you been moving and up? Yes. Iím like nahhhhhhhhhhhh! Sheís lovely though, I think the wind pain will eventually stimulate her to move.

Hmmm what else at 1.30am.... Iím starting to feel the bruising in my abdomen now. Itís actually like youíve done 1000 sit ups and sort of been run over by a truck! But donít panic! Itís not awful but you know, you feel it, you just had surgery, itís normal.

They are getting me to drink 30ml every 15 mins which Iím finding pretty easy to do. Something I have really liked is fruit tea bags... take some with you, itís easier to drink than water and you might like it. The broth they are bringing is horrible but Iím like ohhhhhh maybe there is protein in here, so giving it a shot.

So really the main news is that I am bored! I think this first week will be filled with naps and sipping and I canít wait to get home in the morning. And Iím just super , jolly pleased :-)

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  1. Jeanious's Avatar
    Great to hear you're going well, Stacey. I'm actually sipping a fruit tea right now, while I'm reading your post. That's a fantastic idea to take some to hospital with me.
    I would be up and moving too. I get so restless in hospital.
    Keep up you're wonderful journey.
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Yes take the fruit tea, they are good. I’m currently waiting for pharmacy to give me some drugs so I can go home. Pharmacy are like snails ������
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Not sure why she would not want to follow instructions. It will just make her long term recovery harder.