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Day 2 post op

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Hallo lovelies,
Thank you so much for all the lovely supportive messages. Iím doing good! I mean there is the odd bit of discomfort and pain but that is easily sorted with pain relief.

I spoke too soon about gas pain LOL! It came, I was like gawd and after checking that I wasnít having a heart attack I carried on standing and walking etc

Donít worry about theatre for the people coming up to surgery, they will be lovely and you will be asleep in a flash! Yes!

Iím getting my 120ml an hour down fine and sometimes get broth or apple tea! Lovely.

So thatís it, nothing to fear, bit of discomfort that can be sorted out easily and on your way to a better life for you.

I feel like a million dollars with a puffy face from fluids 😘😁

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  1. Jeanious's Avatar
    Fantastic Stacey, glad all went well. I'm happy that your up and about. Sounds like you're on you way to a new you. 😉💋
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Thanks love, hopefully home tommorrow morning. I am dying of the boredom here lol xx