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Constant Nausea and Diarrhea.

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I am 18 days post surgery and still on soft/mush food and find it more difficult then ever. Not the food it's self but the contestant nausea and diarrhea, has anyone experienced this? Today I made homemade chicken and rice soup and barely finished 2 teaspoons and had to run to the bathroom. I'm so miserable right now, can't eat much of anything for fear of it coming out one way or another. HELP is this the surgery or something else???

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  1. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    First of all, you should call the surgeon or your primary. Try Greek yogurt, I also had diarrhea right afterwards around the same time-frame as you are, and once I began using the Greek yogurt, it seemed to help. Your doctor might be able to be of more assistance.
    Good luck!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    That is not normal and I second that you contact your surgeon or PCP. If you are having diarrhea you are probably at risk for dehydration.
  3. lew1960's Avatar
    Talked to the surgeon and if it continues he wants me to go to the ER and get on IV Fluids. According to him some people have this and it will pass as time goes on. I tried the Greek yogurt and it seem to help with the nausea.
  4. perhaps's Avatar
    I am 21 days out of surgery and I am dealing with this also. I got to the point that everything was coming out one end or the other. I went to my surgeons office-and he saw me with no appt. Sent ,e to the hospital for dehydration and fluids. Turns out I have a C Diff infection-which is being treated now with a very strong antibiotic. I would strongly suggest you go to see your surgeon.
  5. sraebaer's Avatar
    Call your doctor! But after that read Katrina's post about what happened to her daughter after constant vomiting.