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How things went with surgery

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Hi I'm Marty I am a mother of one of my own in three step daughters I just really wanted to come back on here I hadn't been on here since before my surgery date which was October the 20th 2017 I just wanted to say that things went just fine like I didn't have any problems that I know of during surgery or anything of that nature I was a little weaker when when coming out of surgery I threw up a little bit and it has been hard for me to get my liquids in but I am still trying and I'm starting to feel a whole lot better I have managed to get today I probably drunk about 6 to 8 oz so for the whole day so I feel like I'm doing so much better because before only thing I could tolerate is just enough liquid to touch my tongue anymore than that I was throwing up but I promise it wasn't as bad as it might seem I mean like I would not change my decision I am feeling very good about this process so far I still have not been able to get any broth down because everything is so so salty to me and I'm just really right now doing Gatorades or powerades and popsicles but they all have to be like frozen slushy type anyways I just wanted to give you guys an update on how I'm doing and let you know for the ones that are thinking about it still to go ahead and do it I really do believe that it's going to be one of the best things that I've done best choices that I've made and many of years alright I'll talk to you guys later bye

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  1. Tamera2's Avatar
    Hi Martini, so glad overall you did well with surgery. It continues to get better with every day and week. First week or two the hardest. Couldnít imagine my life without my Sleeve. Life is amazing now and itís been 9mos. Iím down 132lbs and feel amazing. Pray you continue to improve and have amazing results. Just remember everyone looses at different rates. As long has your loosing with occasional stalls your doing well. I found my stalls were from not eating enough protein. If Added a premier protein drink to my diet it would jump start my weightloss. If that happens look at your diet and exercise and make adjustments. Good luck and Thank you for checking in and letting us know how it went and how your doing.
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hi Martini, it sounds like you are doing great after the initial rough trot. Best wishes for your journey :-)
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Hey Marty! It will get better. That first week is rough. Congrats on your surgery! Wishing you a super speedy recovery!! Can't wait to see you hitting your goals!
  4. Missy1974's Avatar
    most of us have been there done that and or looking forward to doing it. Congrats on your surgery! Wishing you a super speedy recovery. hoping that you will take advantage of us older surgery people and help others as they come up.