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17-Month Post-Op Check-In: Make time for fun!

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Hey Sleeved FamBam!

Sorry for the late monthly check-in! It is important for me to stay connected with those friends I have made here during my preop initiation, post recovery, and journey throughout my first year. I hope new members are benefiting from all yíalls sageness! I certainly would have had a daunting time navigating post Sleeved life without this forum!

Thatís why while I cannot be here often, I am here to share that this journey is on going, and as life continues the longer you are out from surgery, the easier it gets to forget the many reasons I chose this path.

I recently had a physical examination, I am no long T2 diabetic and most of my vitamin levels were within normal ranges except Iron. Also, cholesterol level not good! 206. I stopped my Bulletproof coffee and they will check again in six weeks.

I am maintaining between 168 and 174 lbs. considering the stress of graduate school, work and family commitments I am happy I have not gained because somedays my food choices are poor and thatís an understatement.

I saw a nutritionist today so I am happy to report that I am taking the bull by the horns and gonna nip it in bud before itís too late.

She asked me how have I been balancing work and play? and of course I asked define play? At which she asked how do you take care of yourself? beside eating, showering, brushing teeth, combing hair once in a while, getting 5 hours of sleep, I really havenít done much toward self-care of the mind, heart and soul!

So she believes that weight management and feeling of well-being itís all interrelated if I am to make better food choices in the long run. The less time spent on selfcare needs, the more stress we feel, the less we utilize mindfulness and stress management skills. Makes sense!

So letís get out and do something fun today! Though I have a midterm exam tomorrow morning so I am drawing a blank.

Hugs and miss you!

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  1. Stacey03's Avatar
    Hello Shirl,
    Your nutritionist sounds great! I can relate in terms of having a busy life, it can have all sorts of effects. I haven't had my sleeve yet, but I've seen how well you have done. Many congratualtions. I think we often have to stop in life for a quick 'taking stock'. I hope you get a little less busy soon and can concentrate on the 'play' a little!
    Best wishes :-)
  2. Ann2's Avatar
    Shirl, your NUT is right! Self-care. Care of YOU! Your care of yourself! Everything you do to put your needs first is a good choice.

    Miss you. Break a leg!
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Awwww Shirl! You gotta take time for you babe! You are sooooo fabulous and worth it! Glad to hear that your no longer diabetic! And I hope you kick butt on your exam! I hope your cholesterol gets better with the dietary changes. I am finally off my BP meds as of September. I was starting to think I would never get off of them. Keep kicking ass and taking names!!
  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hey Shirl!!! so glad you are not diabetic anymore!! that's huge!! cholesterol is tricky...I'm up right now because I lost weight in the past two months...I will need to check it in a few weeks again.

    So may be it's just because the blood test was done when you were loosing too...who knows. I really believe that cholesterol is not the worth, plus adding some supplements (fibers, soy lecithin) can help lower it.

    I'm having some crazy weeks too, what saved me in the middle of all those amazing luncheon is that I take my lunch box when I can and go for a walk after my mini lunch break. I hope you will be able to do the same. take care and keep in touch!! XX
  5. ghost_ryder's Avatar
    Shirl, I am impressed you have done that well considering. We all need to understand the relationship between stress and weight/health management. When we get on the wrong side, it can be a cascade down.

    Does your family have a history of high cholesterol? Mine does, my mother, the vegetarian, even had high cholesterol. I was able to being mine down unmedicated but genetics would only allow it so far. So back onto a low dose statin. Its a whole lot better than it was before though.

    I get the pressure of work school and family. I am hopefully completing my Bachelors in Dec and will be able to get off the bad end of that stress roller coaster. Up to late at night not getting enough sleep and making poor food choices because of the lack of sleep.
  6. JLPSch's Avatar
    Congrats on your success! Yes, I agree self-care is so important! I've learned that some days you just need to put "life" aside and go have some fun, even if it's just for a bit! Take care!
  7. RehabNurse's Avatar
    Thanks for the update, Shirl. You're looking stunning these days.
  8. Muted_Tummy's Avatar
    hello womyn!! glad to hear all is well. Been busy with life myself. Self- care...umm, yea. Where do I begin LOL