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Getting Nervous

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Well...I am now a month away from my surgery, and am getting more and more nervous as the day approaches. I have never been through a surgery before so this is all new to me.

Also I am very excited to start a new journey in my life. I have struggled with my weight for 10 years now. I use food for a comfort, and with that I have become less active over the years. I used to play all kinds of sports, and once out of high school that stopped, and as years went by I began to hate myself more and more.

My mother had the surgery almost a year ago and she looks amazing. I decided in May that enough is enough, time to take control of my life, I am almost 30 and feel like I wasted my 20s. So I decided to go ahead with the surgery, I want to be healthy and happy with myself again, as I have not felt this in a long time.

So hears to a new adventure

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats on your decision to get sleeved. Hope you have a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Remember to start changing your behaviors now as the sleeve is just a tool...albeit a great one!
  2. Stacey03's Avatar
    Excited for you! Good luck :-)
  3. Tommy1969's Avatar
    Congratulations for making this decision. I regret having the surgery. I regret NOT DOING IT SOONER!!! You will love the new you and the process is very rewarding. Very excited for you! Best of luck.

    - Tommy