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A Seahorse's Journey with the Sleeve

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So...I have decided to do this thing. It took about a year to decide, and now that I am over 100 lb above my adjusted body weight, it'is about time!

I have decided to be a seahorse on my journey, floating through the sometimes scary waters....because it is better than being what I actually am... a fat dietitian. I have actually had patients tell me that I need to lead by example. Boy will I be happy when some of those same patients can see a difference in my weight!

It is scary but also exciting to be starting on this journey, but I am glad I found a place to ask questions, write about my experience and read about others'. It is not going to be easy, but I have finally decided that I am worth it. That's the first step, rather, the jump into the ocean, to begin this journey.

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  1. Linda51's Avatar
    Congratulations on your decision! The time will come when you will wonder why you took so long to make the decision, but everyone must march to their own drummer. Stay the course, follow the plan and you will do well.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats!! The sleeve has been amazing. I loved my sleeved life. I am thin and healthy. And it was overall pretty easy. I wouldn't change my sleeve journey for anything. I am so very glad I did this. Best of luck to you! Do you have a date?
  3. simplyseahorse's Avatar
    No date yet - waiting for the psych eval to make it's way to the surgeon's office. Other than that, everything is done - so we are shooting for the middle of December.