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Itís a start.

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Yeah! 13 days post-op 27 pounds down. I am just getting started. Nutrition was very please. I was supposed to be on my purťed food this week.oops.
Now I donít even know where to start with my food choices. Iíll start

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Enjoy it!! This is when it starts to get fun and you start to feel more normal. Just remember to eat very slowly to allow yourself to feel full. It is very easy to overeat in the beginning and it is VERY uncomfortable when it happens.
  2. Tamera2's Avatar
    Congratulations on your weightloss. Your doing great. It gets easier with each week. Make sure you are walking everyday and drinking plenty of water. All the best to you.
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    Welcome to the part where you start building your new lifestyle. It's a slow process, but so important to learn more about what works for you.

    Here's some gentle advice: Start making food choices NOT JUST to lose weight, but to nourish your body better than it's ever been nourished before. That's the eating lifestyle you want for the rest of your life. Very best to you! Such an exciting time.
  4. Teahoney711's Avatar
    Thank you everyone. I realize I am back to cooking again, but I had to think about what to cook without the calories. I am looking for a good weight loss cook book. I go on solids next week.