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Surgery 9-27-17

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I went through my surgery. as some of you know my throat had been acting up a little and right side i let doctors know what i had been feeling at that point the right side had not been acting up that day but my throat had been still.
before going in they had me check weight and omg it was crazy i was down to 276 so when my dr saw me he said nicely done i saw you in aug you was 301 and now 276 just from the liquid diet how you feel. i said hungry hahah but great feeling. I still was skeptical thinking something is going to happen. as explained its like winning the lottery you have the winning ticket but dont believe it till cash is in hand. I advised my husband once its done only thing i want to hear is it was success not well they had to take this out and you have to go through procedure again or any thing .. lol
well I came out of surgery sore where the stomach is and where the hole was they pulled it out of bloated but over all not to bad i had felt worse (fractured ribs and gall bladder i think was more as well pain) over then next few days i did stay in hospital wednesday and thursday friday asked how i was doing my stomach was doing better but now i felt sluggish and sick unsure exact but tried explaining .. well they had me go home and guess what i have a head cold people ya so im carefully coughing blowing nose constantly damn i knew i was coming down w/ cold but ohh well now tomorrow i have dr appt and hope they can give me something. not only that they was to give me my mood meds in liquid form and did not so i have not had those also for two days ... so ya ... as you can see my blog is a bit all over the place and not caring .. as i just blah blah blah lol but over all i am very happy with doing this change in my life my sister in law even asked how i was doing and said she had thought of it but never knew what and how etc.. so i gave her some insites .. on what i had gone through.
thank you all for who have checked in on me and i will continue to keep posting some days smaller then others or days missing but im here and not running thank you all for the support as well .. ps i did try a small bite of stage one baby bannnana food and NOOOO dont do that your belly not ready for that lol just a little fyi

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats on a successful surgery. Now let the fun begin!!!