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Food choice

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I am on day 9 now. I already had my meds and vitamins and working on
A protein shake. I am thinking what do I want, no Sugar applesauce or non fat
Yogurt. Food choices of today. I am going to have soup later. I just have a
hard times eating every three hours.
Have a good day people.

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  1. turtleRose's Avatar
    Tell me about it. I am also allowed real mashed potatoes, low fat cottage cheese, and mashed beans - this is helping some but not a lot... I'm living for the next stage so I can have some scrambled eggs and salsa LOL

    Keep it up we'll get there
  2. Teahoney711's Avatar
    Hi turtlerose.
    I can’t wait to get to mashed potatoes and the thing is I really just want a different taste other
    Then protein shakes or water or applesauce, lol. But this is why we had the sleeve, to
    Change our eating habits.
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    I was on liquids for the first two weeks. (Basically protein drinks). Just be sure to get in your protein and liquids in, that's the most important at this point.

    And don't worry, you won't be eating this way forever!
  4. Teahoney711's Avatar
    Thank you sraebaer.
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    I would go for a high protein yogurt such as Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt versus applesauce any day. It gives you more nutrients. I would still make that choice and I am 11 months out and can eat anything at this point. Just food for thought. As Sraebaer said....protein and liquids first.
  6. Gvn71's Avatar
    Stick to the high protein/low fat options! Greek yogurt was my best friend (and still is). Pureed soups were good to. I never liked split pea soup, but it was awesome and had great flavor. Loaded with protein too. I also would put a scoop of protein powder (unflavored) into the soups to really boost my protein numbers.

    Hope this helps!
  7. Teahoney711's Avatar
    Christie13. I had the yogurt and it took me two days to finish, lol, I was eating yogurt before the
    Sleeve so I’m good with that, it’s day 11 for me and I feel like my food limits are small.

    Gvn71. Thank you for your advice. I still do my protein shakes , I try to have two through
    Out the day but I can only get one and a half down. I want to make a nice chicken soup
    With vegetables when I’m at the purťed stage. Any suggestions?
  8. AnnaGG's Avatar
    when i was at liquid diet my mother made me bone soup it was very tasty. And very needed break from all chalky protein shakes. You can even take chicken soup if you make it the way i make. cook chicken in wok without adding water or oil. only add salt. when tender and slightly browned . add it to a deep pan and also add your favorite vegetables (i add carrot, tomato, onion ) with enough water for cooking vegetables and soup(add water in double amount of vegetables ). if needed add more water and let it shimmer for atleast 40 min. Now you can stain it to get clear liquid or mash every thing for puree stage. you can add any seasoning. i mostly add salt and black pepper.
    Try it you will like the change from all the protein shakes(I still shudder thinking about those protein shake days).
  9. Teahoney711's Avatar
    Thank you AnnaGG. I will try it. I don’t make soup but I am going try something new.
  10. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I understand that everyone who is newly post op long for that "mashed potato" phase, however; that's a slippery slope. Put some unflavored protein in the mashed potatoes if you have to have them, but as others have said sticking to strictly protein based foods at any phase increases your success rate later on down the road. I personally never let mashed potatoes touch my lips and now 6 years later, I don't eat potatoes or anything white that contains carbs. I've seen others who used mashed potatoes as a staple early on and now are eating more carbs than they would like and wonder why they are not reaching their goal. I've also seen others who didn't eat mashed potatoes or similar foods and now are very successful maintaining their desired goals.
    Wise choices early on train not only your new tummy, but your brain which didn't have surgery and still makes unwise choices now and then I truly believe and it's been my professional experience that how you make choices in the first stages stick with you throughout the journey. Continued success!!