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Week 2 phrase.

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Hi. I just started my second week phrase of food. I just started the pudding and applesauce and cream soup stage. How did anyone else do on this? I am still on liquids. It took me a hour and a half to eat my pudding. Slowly we go.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    It is slow going. Take your time. I would focus on more protein rich foods. Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, refried beans, etc. My NUT told me to take meat and use a food processor and some broth (or other liquid) and puree it up. She said that is the best thing to do. You will only get about a tablespoon or two in at a time.
  2. Teahoney711's Avatar
    Hi Christie13.
    I have the Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt. I am eating pudding and applesauce for now. Puréed is week
    Three? I am not sure sometime what I can have in what week.
    Thank you Christie13 for blogging with me, you are very helpful.
  3. Tamera2's Avatar
    Sounds like your doing good with your phase your in. Before you know it you will be reflecting on how for you’ve come and doing amazing