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Quick update!

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Hello everyone havent been on here in a while.
well i just wanted to say im happy so far with my results.
im trying to get better at taking my vitamins.
now i need to work on the working out part because that for sure isnt changing on me. i hate that i get so lazy. when it comes to working out.
well i weighed myself yesterday and i weigh 297 pounds!!
i was so happy because i havent weighed under 300 since i was in middle school. so it was a pretty big day for me yesterday.
well thats all for now every one hope your journey is going good too
God bless

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  1. Suzjsan's Avatar
    Congratulations! Awesome milestone!
  2. Missy1974's Avatar
    Congrats kk your on track to doing what you need to do being more healthy..
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Hurray for hitting a milestone!! Get your body moving! Find something you enjoy doing. As you lose more weight, more activities will become enjoyable.