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what if i ripped a staple??

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i was at the san diego airport 3 days after my surgery. i was standing in line at security and there was a puddle of water on the floor but there were no signs and i didn't see the water and i slipped and fell. it hurt pretty bad. by the time i got home i was bleeding from a place i should not have been bleeding from. i went to the doctor and he took xrays. from there being so much swelling still from surgery it was impossible to see if staples had been compromised. he told me to come back in a week. meanwhile, the pain gets worse every day. i went back and he said that one or more were ripped. and that i needed to go to a post op gastric sleeve professional because it was out of his league. so my question to everyone is where can i go to find this out? does anyone have any suggestions.

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  1. Tamera2's Avatar
    I'm so sorry this happened to you, thats awful. I would check at your local hospital were you live. Most hospitals have a bariatric surgery center. I would contact them for an appointment. Since your pain is getting worse. Hope everything turns out ok and you dont need another surgery. Hope you feel better soon. Good Luck and please let us know how it goes and how your doing.
  2. PokerGuy's Avatar
    If you are have insurance go to a hospital. If you don't I would jump on a plane and fly back to TJ and Dr. Almanza will take care of fixing you.
  3. PokerGuy's Avatar
    A hospital can do a dye test like the one you had right after surgery to check for leaks
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Oh that is terrible. Did you find someone to see you? Are you ok??
  5. GigiUSA's Avatar
    Oh I am so sorry!!!! You had to be terrified. I was pretty nervous traveling from San Diego after my surgery and we stayed an additional 4 days. Have you reached out to your surgeon in Mexico? They might have some advice? I went to a post op gastric sleeve professional that is affiliated with my local hospital after I had my stitches out. I had to pay a fee but then was able to see the NUT and attend meetings if I would like. They did a follow up on me and will monitor me and my progress for the next so many years..... Please let us know how you are doing. I will keep you in my prayers! xoxoxo