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Work and being and inspiration

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Well, I have been working a new job, I was talking to a co worker and I told her I had surgery, she was like NO way, I said yes, She said "Jenn, you should do a video and be an inspiration for others, I was like Wow, she is right,,,,so soon I will record a video and let every one know when I post it

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    That is such a great compliment from your coworker!
  2. jennak89's Avatar
    Yes, it was and she is younger and skinner than me. She is from another country and it was kind and complimentary from her.
  3. GigiUSA's Avatar
    That makes my day!!! Can't wait to see your video xoxo
  4. jennak89's Avatar
    Thanks, I will keep y'all posted when I post it, heehaw, work too much some times.
  5. anewbeginning's Avatar
    do you have to have a passport to go to mexico?